7 Best Organic Weed Killers | April 2017

We spent 33 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. So you want a beautiful and healthy lawn without the weeds, but you also have kids, grandchildren or dogs and cats who love to play on and roll around in the grass, so you can't use a toxic weed killer. No problem. These organic weed killers are safe to use around people and pets and can also be used to control unwanted plant growth in and around flower beds and vegetable gardens. Skip to the best organic weed killer on Amazon.
7 Best Organic Weed Killers | April 2017
Overall Rank: 7
Best Mid-Range
Overall Rank: 2
Best High-End
Overall Rank: 5
Best Inexpensive
A bag of Espoma Organic Weed Preventer is a great choice for the homeowner who wants a handsome lawn that's safe for all to enjoy. It can be spread on grass lawns or in and around beds that will be frequented by people and pets mere minutes later.
  • provides long lasting nitrogen
  • inhibits weed root development
  • quite expensive but effective
Brand Espoma
Model CGP25
Weight 26.2 pounds
Rating 3.8 / 5.0
The solution inside a container of A.D.I.O.S. Selective Organic Weed Killer is safe to use on most turf and lawns, and around trees, bushes, and even near established flowering plants and gardens. That's true because it is formulated to eradicate only certain weeds.
  • good for poison ivy control
  • 100% odorless formula
  • generally rather weak
Brand herbanatur
Model pending
Weight 11.2 pounds
Rating 4.3 / 5.0
The potent formula inside that bottle of EcoSMART 33113 Organic Weed and grass killer can make short work of most weeds and grasses, often working its deadly magic only hours after application. It is safe for people and pets, but know that it will kill many insects.
  • made in the united states
  • good price for the quality
  • may stain some surfaces
Brand EcoSmart
Model 33113
Weight 1.7 pounds
Rating 4.2 / 5.0
Preen's Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer was specifically designed for treating the soil of your flower or food garden. It is a 100% safe and natural formula that will fight back weeds even as it helps promote the growth of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and more.
  • 250 square feet of coverage per unit
  • best results with 4 - 6 week application
  • container has built-in applicator
Brand Organic Vegetable Garde
Model pending
Weight pending
Rating 4.2 / 5.0
The Avenger Organics Weed Killer is OMRI listed and USDA approved as a safe, effective way to kill weeds and prevent new growth. If you are dedicated to 100% organic gardening, this is a fine choice for you. Just note that, of course, it will kill wanted plants as well.
  • fast acting agent starts working quickly
  • convenient spray nozzle
  • container prone to leaks
Brand Avenger Organics
Weight 8.8 pounds
Rating 4.7 / 5.0
If you want to enjoy a healthy, weed-free lawn that's safe for kids and pets to run across and roll over, then a fifty pound bag of Jonathan Green's 11585 Organic Weed Control Plus Fertilizer mixture is a great choice. The formula can also suppress weeds in gardens.
  • helps grow rich, green lawns
  • prevents crabgrass, dandelions
  • bag covers approx. 5,000 square feet
Brand Jonathan Green
Model 11585
Weight 50 pounds
Rating 4.6 / 5.0
A gallon-sized jug of Nature's Wisdom 20% Vinegar will kill and control weeds of all different types, as it is a "non-selective" herbicide product. It also dissipates quickly after use, making it a good product to use for clearing planter beds prior to use.
  • spa registered formula
  • safe for use around edible produce
  • good reviews from users
Brand Nature's Wisdom
Model NW004
Weight 9.4 pounds
Rating 4.6 / 5.0

Buyer's Guide

Killing Them Softly: Organic Weed Killer

When weeds rear up around the property, it's only natural that you want them gone by any means necessary. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter doing your best to preserve the lovely flowers or food garden you've raised or you are a landscaping professional charged with maintaining a pristine, handsome natural tableau, weeds can be the bane of an otherwise picturesque property. The truly insidious thing about most weeds is that the better a property you have prepared -- the fresher and better aerated the soil, the richer the fertilizer, and the better the irrigation systems -- the faster and more robustly they well grow.

In many cases, weeds have to be dealt with aggressively and on a focused level. The best way to attack them is to use a potent weed killer that you can apply with precision and prejudice. You can't well tear up an entire field of wanted turf grass to deal with a few unwanted dandelions, in other words, so instead you need products with formulas that were purpose designed for your specific situation. And if your "situation" involves a property on which pets and people stroll (or children roll) or weeds growing near edible plants or delicate flowers, you need to consider using an organic weed killer that is safe for human and animal exposure.

Choosing the right organic weed killer for your specific circumstances is usually a process of measuring the level of lethality wanted. There are several weed and feed types of organic weed killer available that can help kill off lawn weeds while giving nutrients to your grass. They work by only attacking plants with shallower roots -- aka most weeds -- and by releasing beneficial nutrients to the deeper growing grass roots.

Next we have formulas that are designed to go after weeds in beds that are again safe for plants with deeper roots and only target shallow growing weeds. These formulas are great for edible gardens and flower beds, but likely won't have much effect on thicker areas of ground covering plants.

Finally there is a category of organic weed killer that terminates plants without discretion, killing off dandelions, grasses, flowers, and tomato plants all the same. Used with care, these products are extremely helpful, especially for safely clearing weeds growing through patios or mulched areas. Just be cautious of their use in proximity to wanted plants, especially when rain or irrigation threatens to move the weed killer around the property.

Always keep in mind that while generally safe for use around faunae, many organic weed killers are still very much deadly to most flora. If you apply an organic weed killer too close to a plant that you don't actually wish to harm, you may still damage or destroy it. In other words, while organic weed killers are safe for humans and animals, many are not at all safe for plants!

Other Natural Ways To Fight Weeds

Like all plants, even those odious weeds need sunlight, air, and water to survive. So one of the best ways to fight weed growth is to deprive them of as many of those necessities as possible. The more of your property you can cover up, the less you will have to deal with weeds. One of the best ways to cover ground is to use mulch.

Mulch looks lovely, blocks the sunlight and air (and water, unless there is enough liquid to inundate the ground) from reaching weeds, and yet can be easily laid out and maintained to allow those plants you want to preserve to be protected and cared for. And when you make your own mulch using your own mulcher, you can re-use yard waste that would otherwise have been thrown away, saving yourself cash and reducing your carbon footprint, too.

Another great way to fight weeds is to deprive them of the water they need to thrive. If the climate around you allows it, consider planting potions of the property with succulents that need minimal watering to survive and eschewing sprinklers that water without focus. You can spot water plants like a cactus, aloe, or jade without giving H2O to any unwanted weeds trying to take root nearby.

Finally, consider choosing a handsome ground cover plant that grows like a weed anyway. Various types of ivy, clover, and even many flowering plants can create thick, lush areas that fully cover the soil in which they are rooted, creating a handsome, uniform look that can be easy to maintain and which almost entirely prevents the growth of unsightly weeds.

Other Organic Gardening Products

It only follows that the person who chooses organic weed killers will also want to use other organic gardening products. Fortunately there are a plethora of organic fertilizers available that can give your plants the edge while also helping to replenish the soil with the nutrients it needs to remain balanced and fertile. (Most chemically derived fertilizers provide plenty of nitrogen and phosphorous to the plants they treat but do nothing to restore the natural balance of the earth around them.)

Ultimately, there's no greener way to garden than to not only use organic weed killers, organic fertilizers, and homemade mulch than to even prepare the very soil in which you plant with homemade, organic compost. When you make your own compost, not only do you create a rich, healthy, and all natural material in which your plants can thrive, but you also keep food scraps and lawn trimmings out of land fills.

Food that ends up in a land fill is not only a complete waste, but can in fact create an even more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Food waste, which is the second largest component of the refuse of most American households, breaks down into methane, which, pound for pound, contributes to global warming with 21 times the potency of CO2.

So when you garden with compost you made yourself, you are not only saving yourself money you would otherwise spend on fertilizers and fresh soil, but you are also markedly reducing the impact your household has on the worldwide issue of climate change. And with a good system, such a rotating composter or a two pile compost bin, composting is quite easy once you spend a bit of time and effort to get yourself started.

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