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Last Updated: July 25, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

The information we store on our computers is priceless. It can range from valuable family photos to needed work documents to our favorite playlists. Yet despite what we think, our computers are very vulnerable. Hard drives can fail, viruses can make data inaccessible, or they can simply be lost or stolen. This is where online data backup comes into play.

Online backup ensures that your data is never lost, no matter what happens to your computer. The programs can be used to backup copies of business and personal files. They are 100% secure. Your data will be encrypted to protect it from prying eyes. Most don't even store a copy of your encryption key. Not even the company's employees will have access to your data.

An online backup service will automatically sync the cloud storage files with your hard drive at scheduled times. This means you don't have to worry about running the program yourself or having to remember to backup specific files. Some can run continuously, as well. You can customize what you backup by file name, type, and other classifications.

Most don't have file size restrictions. As long as you have enough space in your cloud storage plan, you will be able to upload a copy of it. Many even come with unlimited storage. Having enough space shouldn't be an issue. When it is time to access your files, they can be restored back to your physical hard drive at the click of a button. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Pick Carbonite

Carbonite is a well-known and extremely easy to use computer backup service. They provide home and business solutions. Home users are given unlimited cloud storage to backup one computer. Business users can backup an unlimited number of computers. Their web and desktop application user interfaces are well-designed. Even those with limited tech knowledge should have no trouble backing up their computer or restoring their files. You can choose to restore a single file or all of your files at one time.

Installing Carbonite is a simple process. After installation you will be guided through the set up process. You can choose to leave the default settings or customize your backup set and schedule. You will be prompted to assign a nickname to each computer you connect to their system. This helps keep everything organized in case you decide to backup multiple computers. The set up wizard will automatically select to backup photos, documents, e-mails, and music. You can backup additional file types as needed.

Once saved on their cloud server, you will be able to access your data from anywhere. You can also access it on any type of internet-connected device. They provide dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS. The home user desktop application is supported on Windows and Mac computers.

Our #2 Pick SugarSync

SugarSync's features go far beyond simple online data backup. It also allows for file syncing and sharing. This makes it the ideal choice for team cloud collaboration. You can use SugarSync to backup any file on your computer, regardless of the file type or size. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Their services are well-suited to both personal and commercial uses. For businesses over ten team members, they offer customized plans.

SugarSync's range of sharing features really make it stand apart from other computer backup services. You are given total control over how and where to share your files. You can invite specific users and set their access level. You decide if other users can view and edit your files or only view them. You can also share files with anyone. They do not need to be a member of your team or have a SugarSync account. SugarSync allows you to generate public links. These links can be shared directly with people or posted online for unrestricted public access.

Deleted items in your cloud storage are saved for thirty days. If you or one of your team members deletes a file, it is moved to the deleted items section. You can access the deleted items section at any time to restore files. This ensures that accidentally deleted files are not permanently lost.

Our #3 Pick BackBlaze

BackBlaze is a streamlined online computer backup service. They provide truly unlimited data storage on their servers. You will be given unlimited bandwidth for data transfers, as well. They also allow you to backup an unlimited number of connected USB drives at no additional cost. There are no file size or file type restrictions.

BackBlaze has one of the easiest setup processes of any computer backup service. All you need to do is run the installer. You will be prompted to input your e-mail address and a password. Immediately afterwards, it will begin to backup your files. Unless you decide to alter the settings, you do not need to do anything else. It will run continuously in the background and copy new or changed files to your cloud storage every two hours.

Users can customize the backup settings based on their preferences. To cut back on computer resource use, you can turn off continuous backup. You can then set up an automatic backup schedule. This can be hourly, daily, or weekly. It will save 30 days worth of file versions.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk specializes in business backup services. It is optimized to work in the background and use up minimal system resources. You will never experience computer lag when it is actively creating backup copies of your files. It is unique in that it offers month to month plans. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to test their service. Each user a business includes in their plan will be given 10 gigabytes of storage space for free. You can increase user storage allotment as needed.

Our #5 Pick Norton

Norton might be best known for their antivirus software, but they offer a wide range of other useful services. These include Wi-Fi privacy, router security and mobile device security, online backup, and more. You even get discounts on other products that help you safeguard your life, like LifeLock identity theft protection. Free trials are offered on most of the services they provide. They have software customized for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Our #6 Pick Acronis

Acronis offers some of the best feature-backup programs available. There are multiple versions to choose from. The highest home user tier comes with software that can backup your machine to a local hard drive, as well as online. You will be provided with one terabyte of cloud storage. This is more than enough for most needs. Acronis can be used to create an exact replica of your hard drive. This includes all files and folders.

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