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Last Updated: June 29, 2017 by Sheila O'Neill

The benefits of having living plants in your home are well-known and numerous. They improve air quality, reduce background noise, and keep temperatures down on hot days. For those who don't live near a nursery, delivery offers a simple way to add plants to your home or send a thoughtful gift to someone you love.

Plants are like air filters, but better. While reducing levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, they produce oxygen, literally allowing you to breathe easy. They also help humidify your home and naturally reduce dust levels. Rather than needing to be cleaned or replaced every few months like most filters, they just need water and sunlight.

Aside from the natural benefits, plants offer plenty of aesthetic and personal benefits as well. When cared for properly, they'll reward you by adding color and life to your decor. They also help teach responsibility. If you've never tried keeping something alive before, consider testing your skills on a plant before adopting a pet or having a child.

Fake plants, though low-maintenance, don't have quite the same enlivening effect on a room. And while floral bouquets offer high-impact beauty, they're not very environmentally friendly as they need to be replaced quite often. There's no substitute for the real thing, and there's no easier way to add plants to your home than by having them delivered.Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Pick ProPlants

ProPlants prides itself on providing living gifts for any person on virtually any budget. Their selection ranges from simple house plants to exotic tropical species, orchids, and more. Basic options start at under ten dollars, but even many of their more luxurious offerings are quite affordable as well. Coupled with free delivery options, it truly is a service accessible to anyone, helping spread love and greenery one order at a time.

Unlike most of their competition, ProPlants allows you to customize the vessels in which many of their plants ship. Whether you prefer sparse wooden planters, inspirational quotes, or celebratory designs, they have options to meet your needs. Basic options come standard while higher quality or more decorative alternatives are available for nominal fees. Thanks to the affordability of their offerings, the additional cost for the upgrade is an easy pill to swallow in most cases.

Fans of the service can join ProPlants' Plant of the Month Club. With subscriptions available on a 3, 6, or 12-month basis, it is an excellent way to keep your decor lively and ever-changing. Each month's offering is seasonally appropriate and comes in a decorative vessel. They also include handy care instructions, so you don't need to worry about being unfamiliar with some of the varieties you might end up with. Subscriptions make great gifts for loved ones as well. provides a platform for easily ordering flowers or plants online or over the phone. Their selection includes thousands of options. Between floral bouquets and potted arrangements, there's surely something to enhance every home. Many of their selections are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs as well.

Same-day delivery is an option for much of the inventory. With their express option, deliveries are typically made within four hours of you placing your order. You can also select a specific delivery window if need be, and they will do their best to make it happen. Regular delivery hours are 9am to 5pm for businesses or 6pm for residential addresses. They also offer extended windows during holidays and other high-volume times to ensure your order gets where it needs to go when you need it there.

If you're shopping for a gift or for a special occasion, offers convenient category-based navigation on their website. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or congratulatory gift, there's plenty of options to choose from. They even have special sections for funerals and get-well-soon bouquets, so your order will be stylistically tailored to your needs. Of course, every order comes with a card you can customize with your own heartfelt message.

Amazon Flowers applies the digital retail giant's reach and pricing to living plants and cut floral bouquets. Their familiar interface and range of shipping options is a welcome respite from the clunkier sites of independent retailers. From indoor shrubs and bonsai trees to arrangements suitable to serve as table centerpieces, there's plenty on offer.

If paging through thousands of options doesn't sound appealing to you, Amazon offers helpful occasion-based categories. This way, you can find the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary without getting bogged down in all the irrelevant options. When Valentine's Day or Christmas comes around, they've got you covered for that too.

If you see something you like that's not necessarily what you're shopping for, Amazon's helpful Wish List feature lets you save it for later. Given the breadth of their selection, it's more than likely you'll encounter gifts you want for yourself while shopping for a Mother's Day present. It's also a great way to bookmark things you're interested in for later. Keeping a running tab of appealing options will speed up the process the next time you're looking for a living gift as well.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick GivingPlants

Giving Plants provides a straightforward platform for ordering plants for just about any person or event. Their website allows for browsing by occasion, plant type, and price. They also organize their catalog by collection. If you know you're looking for something for your office, for example, they've got you covered. They pride themselves on the freshness of their California-grown inventory. It shows in the healthy specimens they deliver.

Our #5 Pick Jackson & Perkins

Jackson & Perkins provides reliable delivery for live flora of all kinds. Their selection includes countless specimens suitable for both outdoor planting or indoor potted growth. Their website features helpful navigation options including by preferred growing conditions, from perennial flowering shrubs that thrive in full sunlight to those that prefer the shade. They're also well known for their selection of rose bushes, which come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Our #6 Pick Teleflora

Teleflora's bright and cheery website is organized in helpful categories. Their occasion-based navigation system provides options as universal as anniversaries and graduations to those as specific as quincea├▒eras and apologies. So there's sure to be something to fit your needs for just about any situation. Their system also allows for browsing by color, flower and plant type, and more.

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