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Most people remember the iconic "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" ads of the 80s and 90s. Today, emergency alert solutions are available in a variety of formats. Rather than wearing an electronic button around your neck in case of an accident, why not use your phone. For most people, it's the one thing they always carry with them. A mobile app could be the fastest way for you to get help.

Some medical alert apps exist solely to make it even easier to call for help when you need it. Rather than calling 9-1-1 or a loved one, apps offer a single button that brings the help you need. In most cases it's connected with your account. That way, first responders will know who you are and what your medical history is by the time they arrive.

Some apps are more fully featured. You may want to program them with several emergency contacts. That way, multiple parties will be notified of an emergency situation. Some of these apps can even start a conference call with the included numbers. That way everyone can discuss how to get help to you in the quickest way possible.

Regardless of your situation, preparing for a medical emergency is a good way to protect yourself. Whether you own an iPhone, Android, or other smartphone, there's an app here that will work on your platform. Just make sure you set it up right away so it's ready when you need to use it.Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Pick LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is an app designed to keep you safe. It's intended for use when you can't verbally communicate during an emergency. Unfortunately, calling 9-1-1 doesn't give you this option. With the app, all you have to do is press a button and first responders will be notified of your exact location. It's available for personal use. Businesses and other organizations that require more advanced security can use it as well.

Over 2 million users have chosen to protect themselves with LifeLine Response. When you trigger its alarm by holding the button on your screen, several things happen. Right away, a notification is sent to first responders with your GPS coordinates. Your phone also enters alarm mode, in which it emits an extremely loud sound until it is disarmed. The noise is engineered to be heard from long distances, so anyone nearby will know there's someone in need of help. It can also be activated from a companion Apple Watch app, or set on a countdown timer until you disable it. This allows you to take action without having access to your phone.

For schools, businesses, and hospitals, LifeLine offers an Enterprise service. The system centralizes alerts and data so you can keep track of any emergency on your premises. Employees or members of your community can also use the app to report suspicious activity. Reports appear on a map of your area to give your security team real-time data. You can also easily send alerts and notifications to everyone with the app installed.

LifeFone is a medical alert service and senior fall detector with a convenient smartphone app. The service is a thorough and useful alternative to Life Alert and Bay Alarm Medical. The company has been providing medical emergency services for over 40 years. Their customers can receive care 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

LifeFone dispatchers have immediate access to personal care instructions that you provide. Their services are tailored to ensure you get the most comprehensive and specific care that you need. That way, you won’t waste any time having to explain anything to your doctors. This also ensures that your care can begin immediately. Any known injuries can be taken into account for transport to a hospital. Any important medications can be acquired and prepared by your physicians.

The basic LifeFone system installs anywhere in the home where you have access to a phone jack. If you have an emergency, you can press the button on your necklace or wristband. This will connect your speakerphone with a LifeFone operator who will stay on the line with you until help arrives. The pendant itself can be set to contact help if it detects a fall. The pendant and wristband are both waterproof, so you can wear them in the shower, where so many accidents happen.

Our #3 Pick HelpAround

HelpAround began in 2013 as a service for patients with chronic illnesses to establish a network of people nearby. Through their service, a member of that network can be called upon. That way, individuals can come help in the event of an emergency. Since then, they've expanded their offerings considerably. They now make an app called Alert which can be used to notify friends, loved ones, and emergency services.

HelpAround offers mobile networking apps for patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Their diabetes app is available for Android devices. It allows people to connect with nearby individuals who may be able to help them in the event of an emergency. While you may not know them personally, they have agreed to participate and are equipped to help. Many of them may also suffer from the disease themselves. In that way, it's a way for the chronically ill to help one another.

The Alert app offered by HelpAround works for anyone in distress. When activated, it notifies your emergency contacts instantly. It's suitable for people with chronic illness or those who are prone to falls and accidents. Intended as a way to keep people self-sufficient, it can be accessed from an Apple or Android device. There is a companion app for the Apple Watch as well. At the press of a button or shake of your phone, it sends your location to three pre-programmed emergency contacts. You can also contact local emergency services from the app directly.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick ManDown

ManDown is a movement-tracking app designed to keep you safe. It was developed by firefighters to automatically send emergency alerts to your contacts. If it notices your phone hasn't been used or moved in a set period of time, it'll automatically trigger an alert. It's intended for use by people in high-risk professions like police officers, firefighters, or security personnel. It is also useful for those who are ill or have mobility issues, or anyone who works or lives alone.

Our #5 Pick Life Alert

Life Alert is the company you might think of when you consider a medical alert service. Alternative companies like Bay Alarm Medical took their first cues from this company. They made the industry incredibly popular with their “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial campaign. The modern version of Life Alert is a lot different than it was back then. Today, it even includes a medical alert app for your smartphone.

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