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Registering a trademark is vital to protecting your business's identity and intellectual property. If you don't register your trademark, you have no legal rights to halt any infringements. A trademark infringement can result in loss of income and clients, as well as consumer confusion. Using a trademark registration service can ensure this never happens to you.

Registering your trademark is just the first step. It is also important to enforce your mark. In fact, this is an obligation of owning a trademark. If you let another entity use your trademark for five years without enforcing it, you lose your rights to that mark.

Many trademark registration services provide trademark monitoring. They will check multiple databases for any recorded use of your trademark. If any are found, they will notify you so you can take action.

Using a trademark registration service simplifies a confusing process. They will research your mark before filing to ensure it does not conflict with any other current or processing marks. The process can be completed fully online. It allows you to save time and money over using a lawyer. Trademark registration services are ideal for those who have little to no knowledge of the trademark application process.

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RocketLawyer is a comprehensive online legal service. They can be used to incorporate a business, set up a DBA, or register a trademark. They also offer a range of other business and personal legal services. You can use them to file a divorce or get answers to common marriage questions about tax and estate issues. Using RocketLawyer to file a bankruptcy or initiate a personal injury claim process is simple. The legal services they offer are nearly limitless.

On their website, you can create over 40,000 types of legal documents. After creating a document, you can choose to have a lawyer review it. This helps to ensure that your document is legally binding. It will also ensure that the document is adequately protecting you in case of future legal action. You can also get advice from a practicing lawyer using their Ask a Lawyer feature. You simply enter your question into the online form. Within minutes a lawyer will respond to your query with helpful information.

Business owners can benefit from using RocketLawyer. Different corporation structures offer different benefits. RocketLawyer can help you choose whether you should be incorporated as an S corporation, an LLC, or something different entirely. They can also be used to file articles of dissolution. It is important to file articles of dissolution correctly. This ensures fair distribution of assets and prevents tax repercussions.

Our #2 Pick United States Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office lets consumers file for their own trademarks. This is ideal for people who don't want to waste money on the services of a commercial trademark company. The website can also be used to apply for invention patents. Unlike with trademark companies, there are no additional costs to using the website, above the actual filing fees.

The website can help you determine if you need a trademark or other form of intellectual property protection. Those who are interested in learning about trademarks can watch their detailed videos. They include videos on topics like trademark basics, patents, and copyrights, how to select a strong mark, and why to register a trademark.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office also has a section dedicated to helping you select the correct goods and/or services category for your trademark. This is very important. Your trademark will only apply to the goods and/or services category you choose. This means that another entity can use a similar trademark for a different category of services or goods. If you don't select the correct category, your trademark may not be protected in your industry.

Our #3 Pick

LegalZoom is a smart alternative to spending time and a large sum of money in a lawyer's office. Their website can be used to file articles of incorporation for S and C corporations or create an LLC. One can also create a non-profit organization on their site or register a DBA fictitious name. Other business services include the filing of annual reports, trademark or patent registration, and foreign qualification applications. Personal services they offer include creating court-ready divorce documents and designating a power of attorney. They can also be used for green card applications, initiating personal injury claims, wills and trusts, and more.

After creating a legal document on LegalZoom, it is reviewed by specialists. They will check if you have filled out the form correctly and in its entirety. This helps ensure it will be legally binding and protect you in the event of future legal issues. The website contains a wealth of information on every type of document they can help you prepare.

You do not need any legal or tax knowledge to prepare business incorporation documents on the website. They generally process articles of incorporation quickly. You can also pay for expedited filing if needed. When incorporating your business, they can help you to create personalized bylaws or an operating agreement. This can protect officers and owners from liability.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick The Trademark Company

The Trademark Company offers copyright and trademark registration, defense, and enforcement services. All applications are proofed by experienced professionals. This helps to ensure they are error free. Along with their standard copyright registration services, they offer opinion letter packages. These will help determine if your work contains sufficient originality before you waste time and money applying. A research and applications manager is assigned to every account. You can contact them by direct phone extension or e-mail.

Our #4 Pick Trademark Engine

Trademark Engine can help you register both copyrights and trademarks. In addition, they offer trademark monitoring services. A monitoring service helps ensure your trademarks aren't being used illegally by other entities. To ensure you never waste money, they provide comprehensive trademark searches. You can use their website to register your trademark or copyright in as little as seven minutes.

Our #5 Pick TradeMark Express

TradeMark Express focuses solely on trademark registration and research services. Unlike many of their competitors, they don't split up their resources on a variety of business services. This allows them to become true experts in all matters trademark related. They keep multiple trademark attorneys on staff. To ensure your trademark is legally clear, they undertake step-by-step research before filing. They check for potential conflicts at both the federal and state level, as well as common law uses.

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