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Top 4 Best Truthfinder Alternatives of 2018 | Video Review

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It is not uncommon for somebody to enter your life with nefarious intentions. Somebody may misrepresent who they are in the hopes of defrauding you or worse. Knowing the truth about people in your life can help prevent this from happening. It can also ensure you are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Online background checks uncover the past of people who've recently joined your circle of friends or who you have business dealings with.

Using an online background check, which can be free, you can find out if someone has a criminal past that they are not revealing to you. You can also find out if a person is financially untrustworthy for some other reason. They scour public records, court records, and more to uncover hidden facts.

Online background checks are handy for a number of other reasons as well. They can be used to find old friends or classmates. They can also be used to locate an old flame or long lost family members. Most turn up detailed results, like phone numbers, a current address, and social media profiles.

Depending on the service, you will be presented with a number of search options. These often include the ability to search by an address, phone number, or full name. Some allow greater search flexibility, such as using an e-mail address or online user name. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

BeenVerified aggregates public information from multiple sources. It then consolidates them into a single report. This makes the information easier to digest. Users will be presented with a range of information on their search subjects. You can expect to receive phone numbers and current and previous addresses. You will also be supplied with criminal history data and social media profiles. It can be helpful in locating friends and family members you have lost touch with. It can also be used to verify information about a person met online.

Access to BeenVerified information has been optimized for desktop and mobile access. They have developed applications for both Android and iOS. There is even one specifically designed for the Apple Watch. Mobile app users will be provided with the same results as desktop users. Some of the mobile apps offer additional features. One example is the ability to speak a phone number to find out who it belongs to.

BeenVerified offers live customer support by calling a toll-free number. This service is provided seven days a week during extended business hours. They also provide online assistance. Additionally, there is a support section on the website. It contains a large amount of helpful information.

PeopleFinders is a personal information search engine and background check database. The company combines public records data with a number of unique private sources. Their records date back more than 40 years. The company itself has been in business since 1988. With that much history, your search results are very thorough. They can provide you with criminal records, as well as current and former addresses, and a large number of relatives.

PeopleFinders provides comprehensive background check information. It’s easy to do a search on PeopleFinders. Results are usually generated within a couple of minutes. You can see marriage and divorce information, as well as records of owned property. The reports will also provide you with as much contact information as they can find. If you need help tracking somebody down, this feature is especially useful.

Membership with PeopleFinders can save you money. The site allows you to pay for individual paid searches and background checks. You can also become a member. Members receive unlimited access to a number of search criteria. The more you search, the greater the value of membership. This is a cost-effective measure for businesses with high employee turnover. It’s also a wise move for anyone on the internet dating scene.

PeopleLooker offers members unlimited background checks. Membership plans start at under $20 per month. It can be used to help you reconnect with a long lost family member or old friend. Other common uses include finding old classmates and uncovering information on romantic partners. You can use it to learn the identity of an unknown caller. PeopleLooker will send a runner to a courthouse to uncover information that's not available online for an additional fee.

Performing a background search on PeopleLooker is a multi-step process. Users start by inputting a first and last name. You will be provided with one or many search results of people with that name. After you choose the correct person, PeopleLooker will initiate a search. You can further narrow down your search by inputting additional specifications.

Reports are very detailed. They contain a large amount of data. Each search returns applicable sex offender data and criminal records. Data is gathered from public records and associated e-mail accounts. Phone numbers and physical addresses will also be used. Results will include the names of the search subject's relatives. They can be very helpful in determining the accuracy of information a person has provided you with.

Additional Options

Spokeo provides access to a database of over 12 billion records. It is helpful when trying to reunite with old friends and find lost family members. It can also be used to research neighborhoods before moving into them. You can find out information about potential dating partners. It makes finding the owner of an unknown phone number easy. Spokeo gathers their information from multiple sources. These sources include public records, social media data, online websites, and surveys.

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