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Last Updated: July 10, 2017 by Daniel Imperiale

Using a personal number to start and manage your business can be a messy affair. At a certain point, you're going to have to switch to a professional number. Doing so halfway into your company's growth can cause a lot of confusion in advertising. It's smarter to invest in a virtual phone number now.

Virtual phone numbers allow you to use your existing devices with a new, dedicated phone number. You usually get to choose the number. Often, this number can be active on multiple devices at once. When someone calls your virtual number, your cell phone, landline, and office phones can all be set to ring at once.

A virtual phone number can also protect an individual’s identity. If you’re concerned about anonymity, using a virtual number can keep your information safe. This is especially important in personal or business ventures that expose you to new people. Online dating is a dangerous world in which using a virtual phone number can keep you safe.

A virtual phone number can act as a guardian against unwanted callers. You can set your virtual number to block specific incoming calls, or to keep any unknown number from reaching you. You can also use a handful of virtual numbers on a single account to track advertising efficacy in different regions. Whatever you use it for, investing in a virtual phone number adds safety and control to your communications. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Tossable Digits is a virtual phone number provider that takes a streamlined approach. You can use it to give a dedicated number to your personal business enterprise. You can also use it to protect your identity when making calls. The company offers a handful of very useful and easy-to-use features. They even provide an API key for the technologically inclined. It can be used to create custom integrations with their existing systems.

You can set your own call rules. Most of these parameters are based on the incoming caller ID. For known and unknown numbers alike, you can choose to have certain callers sent straight to voicemail. This will make sure that the wrong people never disturb you, and that the right ones get through. These rules apply only to one Tossable Digits number at a time. You can maintain different settings on different virtual numbers.

Tossable Digits provides you with unlimited voicemail. Each virtual number you use can have its own inbox and settings. You can record however many custom greetings you’d like. The company also provides you with a host of prerecorded greetings. Call rules and the Do Not Disturb mode will send calls straight to your voicemail.

Freedom Voice is a cost-effective virtual phone solution for small businesses. Its pricing tiers are based exclusively on the amount of minutes you need per month. Additional minutes are billed at the same low rate across all tiers. Each tier also comes with the same suite of features. Even if you come in at the lowest level, you get everything the top tier gets.

The company’s website is incredibly simple. There’s no excessive navigation to figure out your plan. Signing up is a fast, step-by-step process. You can choose a toll-free or local number at no extra cost. You can also grab a vanity number for a one-time activation fee. When you type in an ideal word, the service creates your corresponding number.

A virtual attendant answers for you. When a customer calls, they’ll meet a customized attendant who will guide them to a department. From there you can have calls forwarded to any phone, including your personal mobile device. This is useful if you’re out of the office and you need to take a call. The app that connects to the system works for iPhone and Android devices. The service doesn’t connect to Windows phones, however.

Mighty Call is a virtual phone service with an emphasis on sound quality. They use hardware-based voice compression to prevent tinny, metallic voices. Their systems are integrated with third party routers, so calls connect closer to each other. That eliminates the annoying voice delay other companies deal with. The company also uses advanced codecs and flexible algorithms to ensure the highest quality voices over your lines.

Transcribed voicemails get sent to your inbox. Slow-talking customers eat up time. It can be much faster to read through a transcribed voicemail sent right to your email inbox. The audio recording is also attached to each email. If the software gets an important word or two wrong, you can listen back to hear what was said. This service also makes it easy to share the most important messages with your team. The software even converts voicemail emails to tasks in their provided task manager. Your team can then take whatever actions you need to in response.

It’s free to keep your existing number. Mighty Call offers number porting, allowing you to keep you number. If you’ve heavily advertised your current number, this is very useful. The company can port private, local, and toll-free numbers with speed and ease. The best part is that it’s provided at no additional cost to you. There is a cost if you want to upgrade from your current number to a toll-free option.

Additional Options

Our #5 Pick Vumber

Vumber is a virtual phone number provider that was originally marketed toward online daters. You could generate and give out a new number that wouldn’t put your real personal contact information in jeopardy. If your date didn’t work out, you could drop the number and never hear from them again. The service has since evolved to cater to business professionals with more nuanced needs. The company’s app has also evolved to be easier to use.

Grasshopper is a service that allows you to run a business using just your mobile phone. No complicated phone systems or special wiring is required. It's easy to setup and easy to run. And a nice mobile app does most of the work.

Our #7 Pick Google Voice

Google Voice is a VoIP service that provides you with a virtual phone number. It makes a great alternative to phone services like Vonage. It’s a free system that allows you to port an existing number of your choice. You can have your mobile, home, and office phones all under the umbrella of a single number. They’ll even ring simultaneously, so you can answer from wherever you are.

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