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Last Updated: July 11, 2017 by Sheila O'Neill

Long distance calling can be very expensive. Many cell phones allow users to call people in other states for free, but this isn't true for landlines. You may end up paying ten cents or more a minute. When calling internationally, the costs rise exorbitantly, even for cell phone users. It is not uncommon to spend upwards of a dollar a minute. Voice over internet phones eliminate or significantly reduce these costs.

If you are using a voice over internet phone service to call another person who has an account with the same company, the call is usually free. Calling directly to a landline or cell phone with one of these services is extremely low cost. You will pay a fraction of what you would pay with standard phone services.

Voice over internet phones offer a number of other benefits over traditional phone services. They don't require any dedicated hardware. You can make calls directly from your computer. If you prefer though, some do offer traditional handheld phones that can be connected to your home internet. Most come with apps that can be installed on your mobile device, allowing you to make an international call from anywhere.

Some voice over internet phone services allow for video chat. Video chatting is ideal for communicating with friends and family members you don't see often. It creates an enhanced feeling of closeness and intimacy not experienced when using a traditional phone. You can generally use them to send instant messages, as well. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

Our #1 Pick Google Voice

Google Voice is a VoIP service that provides you with a virtual phone number. It makes a great alternative to phone services like Vonage. It’s a free system that allows you to port an existing number of your choice. You can have your mobile, home, and office phones all under the umbrella of a single number. They’ll even ring simultaneously, so you can answer from wherever you are.

Google Voice works on all of your devices. Whether you spend the majority of your time on your cell phone, your computer, or your tablet, you can always interface with your virtual phone number. You can send and receive texts on any device. You can even use the microphone and speakers on your computer as a means to make and take phone calls.

You can choose your own number. If you’re using Google Voice for a business, this is indispensable. By choosing your own number, you can find one that spells out a certain word or words on a phone’s keypad. This can be a big help in advertising. The Google Voice interface allows you to search for available numbers with ease. You can even do so by starting with an ideal word to spell. If you already have an established phone number, you should be able to port it over to the Google service with ease.

Ooma is a virtual phone service for small businesses. It offers a lot of features that can elevate the public perception of your company. Its model is based on a single, all-inclusive price point. You don’t have to fret over whether you purchased enough minutes or the package with the right features. It’s also free for your business to keep its own number. That way, you don’t have to do any rebranding.

A simple, well-built app consolidates the service. Ooma allows users to access their company phone system from any telephonic source. The smartphone app makes it easy to stay connected to your business via your mobile phone. It’s also useful on tablets. You can have your calls forwarded from the office to a single mobile device. You can also have forwarded calls ring on several phones at once.

Ooma provides you with a virtual receptionist. This will help guide your callers to whatever person or department they need. It will also save your employees time. They won’t have to redirect calls or make connections for your customers. You also get extension dialing. This will allow your callers to reach a specific person more quickly. While they wait, your callers will be treated to soothing hold music.

Our #3 Pick Skype

Skype is best known for their video conferencing technology. They've been in the business since 2003 and, as a result, their technology is quite advanced. Many people don't realize they also offer services that can replace standard phone lines, much like Vonage or Google Voice. Whether you need a new line for your business or you just want to cut the cord between you and your cable company, they have options that can meet your needs.

Skype's video calling interface is one of the most advanced available. It can be accessed from within any web browser, as well as from desktop and mobile apps that make it easy to connect from anywhere. Video and voice calling from one user of the service to another is free no matter where you are in the world. Their apps also support screen-sharing, group conference calls, and much more to keep you connected.

Skype uses a prepaid credit system for calls to phone numbers around the world. Whether you're contacting your neighbor down the block or your friend across the globe, they offer reasonable rates to help you keep in touch. They also allow you to easily send credits to your friends and loved ones so they can call you back with no hassle. There's also an unlimited global plan available for those who need to be in constant contact with people across the globe.

Additional Options

PhonePower is a VoIP provider that allows you to make calls from your phone or computer. While it may not be as well known as Google Voice or Vonage, it does cover most of what those services offer. PhonePower also has a business phone service which adds a host of helpful features to your standard phone line. These include three-way calling, advanced call forwarding features, and an incoming call manager service. They provide clear call quality and offer a variety of plans to meet your needs.

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