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Complicated traditional business phone systems are costly. They require expensive hardware and someone with extensive telecommunications knowledge to install them. Yet, not having a proper business phone system can be detrimental to company growth. It can cause employee inefficiencies and give off an unprofessional appearance to customers. Plus, it makes it difficult to integrate a workforce spread across multiple physical locations. This is where virtual business phone systems can help.

They are cost efficient, easy to install and set up, and provide all of the features of traditional business phone systems. Oftentimes, there are even extra features. You can port over your existing phone number or request a toll-free number. Most allow you to integrate text messages and video chat along with standard voice communications. Some also allow you to send digital faxes that print out on the receiver's end like a traditional fax.

Most business phone systems give you total control over incoming and outgoing calls. You may be able to set a specific caller ID number. For instance, you can set a number that matches the area code of the person you are calling. Blocking incoming calls from specific numbers can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. You can also easily transfer calls from your office to your mobile phone when you are working remotely.

Some voice over internet business phone systems feature automated attendant functions. Callers will be able to transfer themselves to specific extensions by pressing a button on their keypad. Voicemail to text is another common feature. The benefits of virtual business phone systems are nearly endless.

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Our Top Picks

Grasshopper is a service that allows you to run a business using just your mobile phone. No complicated phone systems or special wiring is required. It's easy to setup and easy to run. And a nice mobile app does most of the work.

You get to keep your existing phone number. Or, you can also get a new toll-free or local number. You can choose your own area code. A toll-free number can give you a national appeal. Or, a local number can embed you in a community. You can get multiple extensions for every person on your team. Grasshopper has call forwarding to mobile phones.

Our #2 Pick ShoreTel

ShoreTel is a full service business phone solution company that offers cloud, hybrid, and onsite options. They have software that lets you create custom voice and SMS applications according to your needs. Their services are best suited to small and mid-size companies. The majority of the business phone systems they offer come with integrated collaboration tools. Your workforce will be able to share content across a range of devices, no matter their operating system.

ShoreTel has flexible call center solutions. They provide agents and supervisors with a range of capabilities. Your employees will be able to communicate with each other from a single platform. They can use a combination of e-mail, instant messaging, voice and web chat, and more. Their business phone systems also offer additional features. These include customized routing options, inbound and outbound campaigns, and in-depth reporting.

You won't need to install or maintain costly physical office phones. ShoreTel uses a unified cloud communication system. All of your team's communications, both internal and external, will be conducted via the internet. This makes it ideal for companies with remote team members. Additional capabilities can be added with little effort. These ensure your business phone system keeps pace with your needs. You can quickly add additional users or locations.

Ooma is a virtual phone service for small businesses. It offers a lot of features that can elevate the public perception of your company. Its model is based on a single, all-inclusive price point. You don’t have to fret over whether you purchased enough minutes or the package with the right features. It’s also free for your business to keep its own number. That way, you don’t have to do any rebranding.

A simple, well-built app consolidates the service. Ooma allows users to access their company phone system from any telephonic source. The smartphone app makes it easy to stay connected to your business via your mobile phone. It’s also useful on tablets. You can have your calls forwarded from the office to a single mobile device. You can also have forwarded calls ring on several phones at once.

Ooma provides you with a virtual receptionist. This will help guide your callers to whatever person or department they need. It will also save your employees time. They won’t have to redirect calls or make connections for your customers. You also get extension dialing. This will allow your callers to reach a specific person more quickly. While they wait, your callers will be treated to soothing hold music.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick Dialpad

Dialpad is an extremely versatile business-grade voice over internet phone service. It is easy to set up and manage. It also integrates with many other communication platforms, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. There are a wide range of included features that make it extremely efficient. There's the ability to transfer calls between devices, create default call settings, and set availability indicators. Unlike many other voice over internet phone services, users experience exceptional call quality on both ends.

Our #5 Pick Skype

Skype is best known for their video conferencing technology. They've been in the business since 2003 and, as a result, their technology is quite advanced. Many people don't realize they also offer services that can replace standard phone lines, much like Vonage or Google Voice. Whether you need a new line for your business or you just want to cut the cord between you and your cable company, they have options that can meet your needs.

PhonePower is a VoIP provider that allows you to make calls from your phone or computer. While it may not be as well known as Google Voice or Vonage, it does cover most of what those services offer. PhonePower also has a business phone service which adds a host of helpful features to your standard phone line. These include three-way calling, advanced call forwarding features, and an incoming call manager service. They provide clear call quality and offer a variety of plans to meet your needs. is a detail-oriented service with a Do-It-Yourself flare. Its web interface allows you to control just about everything about your plan. More than 50 features can be controlled online. These include adding numbers and extensions. You can also access caller analytics to learn about who’s calling your company. The website can even record and catalogue calls for reference, training, and legal purposes.

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