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Sat, 8 Sep 2018

Entrepreneur and blogger Maxie McCoy has made a name for herself by inspiring young people to pursue their dream careers. Whether it's through her writing, interviews, or work with other brands, she has a personal connection to her readers. Here is the full story on this popular web presence and how she got to where she is. If you're interested in reading Maxie's writing, you can read the book she co-wrote, "Less Work, More Money: The Entrepreneurial Life Plan," or her own book, "You're Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way." When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Maxie McCoy's Career

2010 Graduated from Lehigh University
2010 Hosted Fox Sports Net's "High School Road Tour"
2012 Published "Less Work, More Money" with Matt and Kristen Hawkinson
2012 Worked at Levo as the director of "Local Levo"
2014 Rebranded and popularized her official blog
2016 Worked with Microsoft and MOO to form the Land Your Dream Job site
2017 Started hosting the "Let Her Speak" show
2018 Published "You're Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way"

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In Depth

Maxie McCoy is a motivational speaker and blogger based in San Francisco, California. She graduated from Pennsylvania's Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a Master's in Media. After graduating in 2010, she became the host of Fox Sports Net's "High School Road Tour" for six months. There, she covered football games in Texas and helped create content for the official "Road Tour" website.

According to Maxie, it was always her dream to become a sports broadcaster, at least until she started working for Fox. She said that she "wanted to do something that made more of an impact in this world," so she quit her job to pursue a career in writing.

In 2010, McCoy worked as a ghostwriter for Matt and Kristen Hawkinson, two entrepreneurs with over fifteen years of experience in running several of their own businesses. The three of them wrote a book entitled "Less Work, More Money: The Entrepreneurial Life Plan," which was published in June 2012. At one point, their book managed to reach the top of Amazon's "Best Sellers" list.

In mid-2012, she started working for a company known as "Levo," which runs a website dedicated to helping young professionals develop their careers and connect with other like-minded individuals. McCoy was the director of "Local Levo," a group of communities that hold workshops and seminars for members of the site all across the world. As the director, she was responsible for establishing each community and training their volunteer leaders.

One year after she joined Levo, McCoy created her own personal blog called "Ilo Inspired." There, she wrote articles that aimed to inspire young adults who are having trouble advancing in their careers. She also occasionally shared stories about her personal life and travels. One notable example is an article published in May 2013, where she described how she was once diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

In late 2014, "Ilo Inspired" was renamed to "Maxie McCoy." During this time, she started building up her own brand. She did this by continuing her regular blog posts and speaking at events all across the world. McCoy stepped down as the director of Local Levo in October 2015 to focus on her own business as a writer and career expert.

On her own, she collaborated with Microsoft and MOO, a digital print and design company, to make the "Land Your Dream Job" website in 2016. According to Microsoft, they were inspired to create the site after they commissioned a survey that asked young adults about their thoughts on the job search process. McCoy provided tips on how to create a resume and a guide on how to act during a Skype interview.

As an outspoken advocate for equal rights, some of the content on her site focuses on helping women overcome self-doubt. To further connect with her female fans, she created "The Community." Members of the group gain exclusive access to McCoy's live webinars and guides related to career advancement.

In October 2017, she started hosting the "Let Her Speak" show, a series of interviews that focus on the personal stories and opinions of women leaders. One of the most notable guests invited to the show was Alicia Garza, an activist who co-founded the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Maxie McCoy is slowly working towards becoming a prominent figure for equal rights, and only time will tell if this will lead to her changing careers again. Aside from her website,, she can also be found on Twitter, where she actively responds to any inquiries about her business.