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Bruce Lee accomplished a lot during his life. He acted in and directed several films and even founded his own style of martial arts. Unfortunately, his career was cut short when he died suddenly at the age of 32. Why did a man in peak physical condition pass away so young? In this wiki, we look into Lee's tragic death and the legacy he left behind. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

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How Did Bruce Lee Die?

While working on a script with producer Raymond Chow and actress Betty Ting Pei, Lee complained of a headache. Ting offered him a pain killer called Equagesic. Once he had taken the pill, Lee grew tired and decided to take a nap. After he had been asleep for a few hours, Ting tried to wake him up, but to no avail. An ambulance was called soon after, but by the time they got to the hospital, it was too late. An autopsy revealed that the drug had triggered a cerebral edema, a dangerous condition in which too much fluid builds up in the space between the brain and the skull.

Bruce Lee's Legacy

Bruce Lee In Action

Bruce Lee's Filmography

  1. Marlowe (1969): An American neo-noir
  2. The Big Boss (1971): Lee's first major film
  3. Fist of Fury (1972): Honor and vengeance
  4. Way of the Dragon (1972): Written and directed by Lee
  5. Enter the Dragon (1973): Released after Lee's death


Bruce Lee died while he was still in his peak. Many fans mourn not only his death, but the fact that he could have made many more films if this tragic accident had been avoided. But in the end, Lee left behind a style of martial arts that continues to be taught around the world, and a body of work that is still watched and admired today. The man may be dead, but his spirit can never be killed.

In Depth

Bruce Lee, one of the most famous martial artists of all time, died on the 20th of July, 1973, at the age of 32. He was well known as an actor, a film director, and the founder of a kung fu style called Jeet-Koon-Doh. He was also remarkably physically fit. His untimely passing came as a surprise to his family, friends, and fans.

The day of his death seemed perfectly ordinary at first. During the afternoon, Bruce worked with film producer Raymond Chow, on the script for his upcoming movie, "Game of Death." After a few hours, they went to actress Betty Ting Pei's apartment to go over the script with her. During the meeting, Bruce complained of having a headache. Betty gave him a prescription pain killer called Equagesic.

Raymond and Bruce were scheduled to have a dinner meeting with actor George Lazenby. But Bruce said he felt tired, and decided to get some sleep. Raymond went ahead, expecting Bruce to join him later. As the night went on, Raymond began to wonder why Bruce hadn't shown up yet, so he called Betty, who told him that Bruce wouldn't wake up. Raymond rushed back to the apartment and was also unable to revive him. The two called an ambulance, but it was too late. By the time they arrived at the hospital, Bruce Lee was dead.

Raymond went ahead, expecting Bruce to join him later.

Donald Teare, a British pathologist, was assigned to do his autopsy. After careful examination, Doctor Teare concluded that Bruce's death was caused by an Acute Cerebral Edema, an excess accumulation of fluid in the space between the brain and the skull. The doctor concluded that this was a reaction to the drug Bruce had taken hours before his death.

Despite the compelling evidence, several alternative theories attempted to explain Bruce's sudden demise. Some blamed Bruce's drug use. During his life, he chewed hashish, an extract of the cannabis plant. He did this to counter stress, and kept that a secret from the public. While the autopsy did reveal a small amount of cannabis, the doctors found that it was not fatal and dismissed it.

Others believe he was assassinated. They claim that in his younger years, Bruce had beat up someone with connections to organized crime. Ever since, it was thought that there was a price on his head. But the toxicology report showed no signs of poisoning. Nor did his body show any signs of external injuries.

They claim that in his younger years, Bruce had beat up someone with connections to organized crime.

Bruce Lee's wake was held in Hongkong. It was attended by more than 25 thousand people. Afterwards, his remains were flown to the United States. His funeral took place on the 25th of July, 1973, and he was laid to rest by pall bearers Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Robert Lee. Bruce was buried in Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington. He was survived by his wife, Linda, and their two children, Brandon and Shannon.

Bruce Lee left behind a powerful legacy. He worked with the now famous Jackie Chan, and was one of his influences. He revolutionized martial arts movies with his signature moves, his directing, and his fighting choreography. A statue of him stands in Hongkong, and is visited by fans from all over the world. The man may be gone, but his fighting spirit lives on.