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Mon, 10 Sep 2018

Lyzabeth Lopez has become a major force in the world of fitness. Her Hourglass Workout has helped women transform their lives, and she's a respected voice on the topics of exercise and holistic nutrition. We've got everything you've always wanted to know about this rising star. If you're ready to get in shape, check out the list of the best whey protein for women. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

What Is The Hourglass Workout?

The Hourglass Workout, developed by Lyzabeth Lopez, is a fitness and nutrition program designed for a woman's body. The emphasis is on giving participants more energy, toned legs, and a flat stomach without destroying your curves. You can learn more about the program on the official website.

Lyzabeth's Flat Belly Hacks

In Depth

Lyzabeth Lopez is an award-winning fitness trainer, nutritionist, athlete, model, and TV show host. She is the founder and creator of the famous Hourglass Workout, which helps women transform their lives and achieve their body goals by gaining strength, getting lean, and building their shape, while maintaining their natural curves.

Lyza, as she is fondly called by friends and colleagues, was born on March 1, 1981 in Canada. She is of Venezuelan, Israeli, and Italian descent. She was always an active kid, with serious interest in various sports, including gymnastics and swimming.

At the early age of 12, she started lifting weights after suffering injuries which made competing in gymnastics impossible. A trainer at her local Young Men's Christian Association, or YMCA, volunteered to show her the proper form in weightlifting. She started attending weight classes and trained with boys her age. She was the only girl in the group but as a competitive individual, she continued, and at the age of 13, she could push 250 kilograms on the leg press.

A trainer at her local Young Men's Christian Association, or YMCA, volunteered to show her the proper form in weightlifting.

After a few years, Lyzabeth developed an eating disorder due to the lack of a nutrition routine. Her training programs were not designed for women, and as a result, she gained weight. Although disappointed and unsure of the right training system, she gradually broke that state of mind and became addicted to exercise.

In college, she studied fitness lifestyle and management at the George Brown College. She has degrees in holistic nutrition, dynamic training, strength training, kinesiology, and Poliquin Bio Signature. She also possesses multiple certifications in aerobics, spinning, sports kettle bell, and advanced Pilates. After 2 years of giving aerobics training, Lyzabeth became a certified fitness trainer at the age of 18.

She also started cheer-leading in college and subsequently took up professional dancing. Lyza became interested in modeling and participated in swimsuit pageants. In 1999, she started entering fitness competitions. The first professional contest that she attempted was the World Natural Sports Organization or WNSO. She did not succeed at her first try but she returned to the competitive arena in 2002.

In 1999, she started entering fitness competitions.

In 2008, Lyzabeth ventured into the world of business and started her own fitness training program, the Hourglass Workout. This program uses a variety of workout styles including resistance training, kettle bells, boxing, Pilates, and interval training. Also included in the program are customized holistic eating plans, form training days, and monthly nutrition workshops. This fitness franchise continues to help thousands of women get fit.

Lyzabeth became part of the TV show "BodyFuel," where she gave advice on the use of supplements along with diet and exercise. The show was a practical lifestyle television program that featured simple fitness solutions from professional sports trainers, nutritionists, executive chefs, and bio-scientists.

In 2015, Lyzabeth placed second in the routine section of the Fitness and Modeling Expo, or FAME, in Canada. She also placed fourth in the model search among 135 participants. She later on became a judge after competing in PRO Fitness.

She later on became a judge after competing in PRO Fitness.

She was recognized as Canada's top Fitness Model by Inside Fitness Magazine, and was voted best personal trainer in Toronto by in 2012. She was named "Top Fitness Entrepreneur" by the SociaLight Conference which is a young entrepreneurs' organization. She was also voted as "International Trainer of the Year" by World Natural Sports, and according to the World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation, Lyzabeth is among the top three PRO Fitness models.

Lyzabeth has graced the covers of several fitness magazines, such as "Oxygen," "Optimyz," "Natural Muscle," "Inside Fitness," and "Fame." She has also contributed to a number of editorials and feature articles. She's appeared on several television shows, such as "E-talk," "Ask Me Anything," and "The Social."

As a holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Lopez has trained over three thousand athletes in fitness, gymnastics, dance, cheer-leading, and bodybuilding. She also trains a number of celebrities, models, and actors.

She also trains a number of celebrities, models, and actors.

Lyzabeth's online presence is strong when it comes to social media. She has over 150,000 subscribers on Youtube. On her channel, she shares videos of workouts, nutrition, beauty, and recipes. She is also active on Twitter, with over 26,000 followers, but she is most popular on Facebook and Instagram. She has over 2 million followers on both social platforms.

Not much is known about Lyzabeth's personal life, as she keeps her family background and relationship status private. However, she has revealed that aside from fitness, she has multiple hobbies, including shopping, photography, and watching movies on Netflix.