9 Hot & Sexy Romance Series

Tue, 9 Oct 2018

Stand-alone romance novels are wonderful, but they often leave readers wanting more. If you want to stick with an author's style or a set of characters for multiple sexy books, then look no further. The nine series we've gathered here will captivate your imagination for hours and hours. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

9 Hot & Sexy Romance Series

Series Author First Books
1. Gabriel's Inferno Sylvain Reynard Gabriel's Inferno Gabriel's Rapture
2. Black Ops, Inc. Cindy Gerard Show No Mercy Take No Prisoners
3. Burnout Dahlia West Shooter Tex
4. The Guardians Meljean Brook Demon Angel Demon Moon
5. In Focus Megan Erickson Trust the Focus Focus on Me
6. Sometimes Never Cheryl McIntyre Sometimes Never Before Now
7. Enamorado Ella Fox I Don't I Want
8. Something in the Way Jessica Hawkins Something in the Way Somebody Else's Sky
9. Rockstar Anne Mercier Falling Down Blush

5 Great Romantic Movies

If you enjoy reading about love, you probably have a good time watching it on the big screen as well. Check out these five romantic movies (if you haven't already):

  1. Casablanca (1942)
  2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
  3. Ghost (1990)
  4. Dirty Dancing (1987)
  5. The Notebook (2004)

Ideas For Your Real Life Romance

You may not be able to dramatically run to the airport or meet at the top of the Empire State Building, but there are plenty of ways that you can bring a little extra romance into your life.

Why Romance Novels Are Underrated

In Depth

Nothing spices up your personal library like hot and sexy romance novels. But when you really love an author's style, one story might not be enough. Luckily, these nine erotic series will keep you satisfied over the course of several books. Note that this list is presented in no particular order, and that these works are solely for adults, since they contain mature themes and sexual content.

Starting off at #1 is the "Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy" by Sylvain Reynard. It tells the story of Gabriel Emerson, a good-looking professor at the University of Toronto who is tortured by his dark past. As he encounters a sweet, innocent student in his class named Julia Mitchell, the series takes us on an electrifying love affair and explores the rough history the two share. Full of references from the story of Dante and Beatrice, the tale presents a forbidden romance that has the power to pave the way for redemption.

What we have at #2 is the "Black Ops Inc." series. Written by Cindy Gerard, each book tells a love story that revolves around a private military company. It follows the dangerous missions of the team operatives, and details how these hard, detached men fall head over heels for beautiful, sultry women. Full of simmering sexual tension, the novels engage readers with hot romance combined with suspense and action.

Coming in at #3 is the "Burnout" series. It tells the separate romantic stories of five retired Army Rangers who've all come to live in Rapid City, South Dakota, where they each meet a woman who redeems them from their troubled past. Penned by Dahlia West, the novels give us a set of compelling men who treat one another as brothers after they've survived a mission that almost cost them their lives. With witty banter between the characters, the series also includes one tale that is aimed towards BDSM fans.

At #4 is the "Guardians" series. Responsible for protecting humans, the guardian angels are men and women who are transformed by the head angel, Michael, into immortals because of their sacrificial acts. They have the ability to alter their appearance as they wage war against demons and Nosferatu to keep mankind safe from Lucifer's dark powers. Written by Maljean Brook, each book from this paranormal romance series tells the story of one supernatural couple as they go into heavenly battles and defy the odds to be with their soulmates.

Next, at #5 is the "In Focus" series, a sweet and sensual male to male romance. Megan Erickson presents four love stories that tackle different topics such as coming out, grief, social angst, and mental illness, among others. Each tale features a unique budding relationship that eventually leads to a steamy affair. Exploring several journeys of self-discovery, the series delves into the complications of accepting oneself, making it a relatable read for people in the LGBTQ community.

At #6 is "Sometimes Never" series, which follows a group of friends from high school to their mid-twenties. Each book is written from the dual perspective of a couple and presents different coming-of-age issues like love at first sight, on-and-off relationships, heartbreaks, teen angst, self-harming, and self-esteem problems. Cheryl McIntyre features a set of characters with diverse personalities who are deeply rooted in friendship and aim to prove that love can conquer all.

What we have at #7 is the "Enamorado" series, which means "in love" in Spanish. It revolves around the lives of the Cruz brothers, who come from a wealthy family in Spain, and follows their romantic journeys. With a combination of drama and humor, the tales follow the present while giving a glimpse of their past, unveiling childhood memories and family issues. Ella Fox gives us a lot of flirty chemistry and intimate moments that will have readers swooning over the five alpha males and their gorgeous women.

At #8 is the "Something in the Way" series. It chronicles the story of Lake, a sweet and innocent sixteen-year-old girl, and Manning, a twenty-three-year-old construction worker. As they cross each other's paths, romantic attraction instantly develops between them.

However, their age is not the only thing that keeps them apart, their forbidden attraction is surrounded by family drama, as Lake's older sister Tiffany is also in love with Manning. Jessica Hawkins depicts the feelings of first love and presents an intense emotional roller coaster full of explosive sexual tension.

Finally, at #9 is the "Rockstar" series by Anne Mercier. Revolving around the world of rock stars and celebrities, the saga follows the romantic stories of the members of two bands: Falling Down and Blush. The tale begins with award-winning actress and singer Lucy, taking a chance with her longtime crush Jesse when she stars in one of his band's music videos.

As the story progresses, the bands go on tour and intimate connections are formed. With a lot of sexual humor, the series will make readers yearn for a bad boy lover.