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Sat, 8 Sep 2018

Azania Noah has been featured in televised singing competitions and performed in hundreds of concerts around the world. She also runs a business called Singer Elite Academy, where she teaches up-and-coming singers how to hone their craft and manage their marketing. Let's take a look at Azania's life and career. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Azania Noah's Career

2007 Competed in and won the French singing contest Graines de Star
2013 Released her first album, Rising
2014 Acted in the film Life's Essentials with Ruby Dee
2014 Appeared as a contestant in The Voice France

Azania Noah Performs on The Voice France

Azania Noah on Social Media

In Depth

Azania Noah is an internationally recognized singer, songwriter, and producer. She has won several awards and traveled the world to perform over 800 concerts, in places like Europe, Africa, Asia, and the U.S.

Azania was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but she was raised in Geneva, Switzerland. Her parents are both Sierra Leonean, so she grew up in a mixed African and American culture. She attended Madison West High School in Wisconsin, before moving to Switzerland where she studied at College du Leman, a private school in Versoix. Azania then went on to pursue higher education, completing a master's degree in International Business at Webster University.

At the age of six, Azania discovered her passion for singing. When she came across a video of Whitney Houston, she became inspired by the legendary artist. It was then that she decided to become a professional singer. She believes that singing is a wonderful way to connect with people and to share emotions on a deep level.

Azania has participated in numerous music festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival in Europe. She has also performed at some prestigious venues, such as the Apollo Theater and the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City and the Blues Alley in Washington D.C. She has even been invited to perform for national leaders, like the former prime minister of the U.K., Tony Blair, as well as the presidents of Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Liberia.

In 2007, Azania participated in the French T.V. competition "Graines de Star." This show was aired on M6TV to over a million viewers. It was the first French show similar to "American Idol." During the competition, Azania sang one of her favorite songs, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston. She also sang "Power of Love" by Celine Dion. She quickly became the crowd favorite and won first place in the contest.

Azania lived in Switzerland for ten years before she moved back to New York in 2011. But in 2014, she spent a lot of time in Europe, after being on the T.V. show "The Voice France" in Paris. The show was aired in most French-speaking countries and had over 8 million viewers, which helped Azania gain more fans in African nations, including Senegal, Ivory Coast, and the Congo.

On February 14, 2015, Azania's blind audition for "The Voice" was aired on TF1 T.V. For her performance, she sang Conchita Wurst's "Rise Like A Phoenix." All four coaches of the show, Florent, Mika, Zazie, and Jenifer, turned their seats for Azania. The audience applauded when she hit the last note of the song. She eventually chose Florent as her coach and was successful all the way up to the round called "Knockout," in which she lost a singing battle, ending her time in the contest.

Azania's debut album called "Rising" was released in 2013. It features nine tracks, written and performed by Noah. The songs were inspired by the soul and funk era of the 1970's. As a songwriter, her lyrics are often about positive and uplifting messages and her compositions evolve from several musical influences.

In the short film "Grace," Azania played the role of Angelina, a Kenyan who has moved to the U.S. with her family. The film portrays the struggle of contrasting cultures and domestic violence. Azania also acted in a documentary film called "Life's Essentials With Ruby Dee," which was produced by the grandson of the famous African-American icons Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.

On her website,, she shares her story, events, photos, videos, and music. The website also features an online course called the "Singer Elite Academy." Through this, Azania helps amateur and semi-pro singers take their careers to the next level. She offers singing lessons, branding, marketing strategies, and business skills.

As an artist, Azania believes that music is universal. "It surpasses so many cultural boundaries and speaks straight to the heart," she says.