How To Use Bing Video

The internet has shifted in the last decade. When it originally started, it was a text-only medium. It took an all-female doo-wop group wanting to post a band picture for images to be regularly incorporated. These days, everyone from Facebook to major news organizations are prioritizing video. The only problem is that the text-based nature of the web continues to make it difficult to easily search for videos. One of the companies making the biggest strides in this regard is Microsoft, with their search platform Bing. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Benefits Of Using Bing Video

  • Easily find trending videos
  • Intelligent similar video system
  • Save videos for later viewing on any device
  • Results include everything from YouTube to CNN to Amazon Video
  • Great for searching for music videos

Google may be the most prominent search engine, but its history with video search has been somewhat spotty. Before they acquired YouTube, the company briefly hosted it's own platform for user generated content called Google Video. That history has lead to the continued lack of usefulness of Google's video search in a number of categories, especially as they abandoned it to focus on YouTube.

Feature Bing Google
Plays directly from the website
Uses the entire screen
Optimized for mobile
Easily find where to watch paid content
Directly integrated with YouTube
Rollover autoplay on thumbnails

Steps For Searching Bing Video

  1. Go to and click "Videos"
  2. Search for a topic you're interested in
  3. Click "Filter" in the upper right
  4. Choose whether you want to organize videos by length, date, resolution, length, or price
  5. Turn the safe search settings to on, moderate, or off


Bing Video is one of the best video search services on the web. Not only does it capture a larger group of results than any single service, it has a very usable user interface and a couple of good ideas that aren't being implemented by its competitors. Plus, you can use it to accrue Microsoft Reward points, allowing you to get free goods. Explore videos with Bing now.

In Depth

Bing, the search engine created by Microsoft, has been growing in popularity. In August of 2017, a tweet from Microsoft revealed that 33 percent of searches in the United States come from Bing, followed by 23 percent in the UK and 26 percent in Taiwan. While it may not replace Google anytime soon, one place that Bing really shines is its video search function.

Unlike other video sites, Bing shows you results from all over the web, including YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Video, and news outlets like CNN and ABC. To use it, go to and click on "Videos". If you're looking for a video on a specific topic, you can enter it into the search bar at the top of the page. As you type, a drop down menu will appear with suggestions related to your query. This feature is a great way to discover similar videos that you may also be interested in. Once you've entered a search term, a bar across the top of the page displays even more similar topics.

Within the search page, you can narrow your results by clicking on "Filter" in the upper right corner. This gives you the option to filter based on length, date, resolution, source, and price. You can also change the safe search settings to "Strict", "Moderate", or turn it off completely. This is a very handy feature if you have kids and don't want them seeing inappropriate content.

This is a very handy feature if you have kids and don't want them seeing inappropriate content.

If you just want to browse, there are a lot of categories to choose from. Under "Trending", you'll find music videos, viral videos, TV shows, and movie trailers. Next to each category is a list of additional videos that you can click on to view more. This is a great way to see which videos are popular on the internet right now. It may also introduce you to some that you may not have seen otherwise.

A useful feature that sets Bing apart from other search sites is the ability to preview a video without actually clicking on it. Just hover over a video with your mouse and the thumbnail will play a clip of it, including the sound, so that you can see if it's what you're looking for. Not all videos will have a preview available, including ones that you have to pay to watch. You can tell which ones have to be purchased by the dollar sign next to the title.

If you have a Microsoft account, you can bookmark videos that you want to watch again later by clicking "Save" under the video's title. Anything you save can be accessed on all your devices as long as you're signed in to your account, including your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Just go to "My saves" at the top of the page to see a list of everything you've bookmarked. From here, you can create collections for different topics you're interested in. On the left side of the page, click on "New" to add a new collection. To add videos, click on "Manage", then select the ones you want and click on "Move To". Choose a collection and click "Move".

From here, you can create collections for different topics you're interested in.

Music videos are a big part of Bing's collection. You can find songs by almost any artist, and clicking on a specific track or musician brings up a list of their top songs, albums, and videos. It also shows you a list of similar artists you may like, which can help you discover new music.

Another new feature on Bing Videos is the feed function. It shows you a tailored list of videos you may like based on your browsing habits and things you've saved in the past. For instance, if you watch or save a lot of videos on cooking, it will suggest other similar topics you may be interested in. You can click "See More" next to any category to expand the list of videos. The more videos you save, the more personalized your feed will become.

Bing also has a large collection of movie trailers for films that are in theaters or coming out soon. You can find them at the bottom of the "Trending" page. Selecting a movie gives you a list of all available trailers. You can also look for television shows to stream. When you click on a show, it displays the synopsis, a list of seasons and episodes, and links to the official website and IMDB entry. Many shows require a paid membership to a streaming service, but Bing is a helpful tool for finding out if a show is on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. It can also help you find sites where you can rent or purchase episodes.

Selecting a movie gives you a list of all available trailers.

If you watch videos from a lot of different sources, take Bing for a test drive and see how it compares to the sites you already use. It can be a great resource to help you find your favorite videos all in one place.