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Blogger and activist Gabi Gregg is a well-known figure in the plus size fashion community. For years, she has been advocating for more variety and quality in the clothing market for women of all shapes and sizes. In this guide, we look at her life, her career, and the various causes she supports. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

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Who is Gabi Gregg?

If you interact with her online, you may know her as GabiFresh. Gabi has been interested in fashion since childhood, but because she couldn't fit into smaller sizes, she found that most retailers didn't have trendy and stylish choices available to her. Refusing to be limited to bland clothes and maternity wear, she took to the Internet and started a blog. She soon gained a following of plus-sized women, and together with this community, she continues to advocate for body positivity.

Gabi Gregg on Plus Size Fashion

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In Depth

Referring to herself as the "OG Fat Girl," Gabi Gregg is a purveyor of plus size fashion. As a woman who doesn't fit into the straight sized world of style, she often found that the retail industry lacked on trend apparel choices for other physiques. Gregg recognized this void and realized that it needed to be filled. So she turned to the internet and started her blog,

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Gabi loved clothing design. But she noticed that the best styles were confined to the smallest body types. When searching for options that fit, she could only find matronly alternatives or maternity wear. Once she graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008, the aspiring fashion journalist tried to secure an internship within the industry. After having little luck because of her limited experience, she took her frustrations to the web. It was there that she began to explore a like minded community of exasperated consumers.

Dedicated to debunking myths about who can dress in what, GabiFresh champions stylish options for women of all shapes and sizes. It mainly serves as Gregg's personal style blog. She shares advice on what to wear, beauty tips, lifestyle posts, and more. There is also a shop section where you can peruse and buy her particular favorites. The selection incorporates a host of established retail brands. Listed companies include Nordstrom, Asos, Missguided, and Macy's. Clicking the links provided will redirect you to the relevant website, where you can complete your purchase online.

The selection incorporates a host of established retail brands.

Gabi often rails against the archaic rules that target plus size bodies. She encourages women to wear horizontal stripes, white after Labor Day, and eye catching prints. By explaining the functionality behind her choices, she makes being trendy seem more attainable. Her opinionated attitude and disdain for out of date traditions have earned her a cult following. She has been featured by the likes of Teen Vogue, InStyle, and Glamour Magazine.

She is widely credited with lending credence to the "fatkini" trend and making it mainstream. In 2012, she put together an online photo gallery of curvy ladies in bikinis for The collection garnered an enthusiastic reaction, and the feature went viral. This boosted Gregg's power as an influencer, and she later teamed up with Swimsuits for All. The duo released a line of swimwear that featured playful prints and bold colors. Pieces began to sell out within weeks.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Gabi started working with her fellow designer and friend Nicolette Mason. The two launched Premme, a line intended to provide items in sizes 12 to 30. The focus was on supplying the same up to date picks as other brands. Selections from the premiere capsule sold out on the first day of its release in 2017. That same year, Gregg partnered with Playful Promises, a well known intimates brand based in London. Together they created a lingerie collection exclusively for plus size women.

That same year, Gregg partnered with Playful Promises, a well known intimates brand based in London.

Gabi is dedicated to making a change in the garment world and beyond. She has been an active voice for better variety when it comes to big companies like Target and Old Navy. Because of influencer and consumer pressure, brands have begun to use curvier models on the runway. But they still have a long way to go to provide options for all statures in their stores. Gregg and countless others continue to promote body positivity with a goal to completely remove the stigma from larger sizes.

She also spends her time getting involved with philanthropic efforts. Along with State Farm, she frequently works with Covenant House, a nonprofit that assists homeless youths. Her goal is to highlight the programs they offer, raise awareness and generate donations for the holiday season. Gregg adamantly speaks out against white supremacy and racism. She considers herself a champion for minorities and women's rights.

Gabi has grown into an ultra chic lifestyle juggernaut in the fashion world. Her blog and social media presence continue to expand. Fans keep up with Gregg on her Instagram account, which boasts over half a million followers. She is also active on Twitter and Facebook. As she continues to design and release successful clothing lines, it's likely she will proceed to make waves for years to come.

Fans keep up with Gregg on her Instagram account, which boasts over half a million followers.