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Fri, 7 Sep 2018

Going out to eat can be a fun and satisfying experience... as long as you pick the right venue. All sorts of issues can ruin a dining experience, from inattentive waitstaff to terrible food. That's why The Infatuation is dedicated to rating and reviewing eateries around the world. In this guide, we'll look at their business model, their goals, and how to navigate their website. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Why Should I Trust The Infatuation's Reviews?

Writing a restaurant review is no easy task, even when you're a professional. The Infatuation uses these three guidelines to create the best reviews possible:

  1. Remain Anonymous: So they won't get special treatment
  2. Pay for Everything: To avoid the influence of bribery
  3. Be Completely Honest: No sugar-coating or leaving things out

Questions to Ask Before Going Out To Eat

Podcasters Erin Gibson & Bryan Safi on Where to Eat in LA

Other Ways to Find Great Food

In Depth

The Infatuation is a platform that allows users to easily find good places to drink and dine for any occasion in a selected location. The New York-based company provides reviews and recommendations for places to eat in their local area, as well as around the US, in places like Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and more. They also have international guides for London, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Rome, Barcelona, Sydney, and Tokyo, among others. Users can type in a particular food joint to see the ratings, search near their current location, or look at city guides for different lists of suggested dining spots.

The goal of the company is to give trustworthy and unbiased reviews. Their team aims to achieve this by committing to three reviewing techniques. First, the food critics show up unannounced, and make use of aliases to disguise themselves as regular customers. Since they don't reveal their true identities and intentions, the reviewers won't get any special treatment such as complementary meals. This allows them to have the same dining experience as any other customer.

The reviewers also pay for their orders and do not accept any kind of compensation for their write-up. This second method ensures that they remain undercover as regular customers, and helps them avoid forming biased opinions in the process. Lastly, they visit an establishment several times before writing their honest review.

The company rates on a scale of 0 to 10, with color codes that make it easier to determine the ranking of each number. Each shade represents a rating ranging from worst to best, with the color red as the lowest score, yellow as the middle ground, and green as the highest.

The criteria for judging includes the ambiance of the place, food presentation, rundown of menu, taste of dishes, where it's located, as well as the vibe of the neighborhood. They also indicate what situation or occasion the restaurant is ideal for. Along with the review, are the necessary details such as a map of their location, a complete address, a link to their website, the type of cuisine they serve, the price range, and what payment types they accept.

The Infatuation has several kinds of lists for specific situations, such as dining solo, vegetarians, or last-minute date nights. They have additional recommendations for selected locations, such as the "Hit List," which features the newest recommended drinking and dining spots in a city. Another special category is "Greatest Hits," which is a collection of the most sought-after, must-try food spots, especially for those who are new in that town. They also ask celebrities to give their five favorite picks, in their Friday feature content called, "Friday Fives."

Their platform can be accessed via their website,, and through their app which is available on both iOS and Android. Users may opt to subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest updates, or use their free text service called the "Text Rex," if they prefer to get in touch with a staff member in real time, to get recommendations.

One of the ways they engage with their community is through Instagram, among their other social media pages. They encourage their followers to use the brand's original hashtag, and share photos of the best meals they come across from anywhere in the world. Every year, The Infatuation also holds a food festival called, "EEEEEATSCON," where various food vendors, enthusiasts, industry leaders, and musicians gather in one venue to celebrate the love for food. The convention features over 20 well-curated restaurants, talks, and live music.

The Infatuation was founded by former music industry executives, Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal. Having been in the marketing and PR department for record labels, and working with musical artists, they were in charge of planning meetings in restaurants to take their clients out. Their professional background gave them the knowledge they needed about the New York food scene, which would later become useful in starting their own company. With more than 20 cities under their belt, they aim to expand their service by continuously working on adding more locations and dining spots to their list.