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Fashion bloggers from Aimee Song to Gabi Gregg use their online influence to set trends and help people figure out how to dress well. Among them is Yoyo Cao, an internationally recognized designer, blogger, and social media star. Let's take a look at how Cao got started in the industry and how far she's come since then. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

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What is Yoyokulala?

Cao's website is called, and she uses the same handle for her social media accounts. According to Yoyo, the name was simply something that she "thought of randomly" while trying to come up with a username.

  1. Dior: Watercolor paintings of fashionable outfits
  2. Cherry Bombe: Recipes written by & for women
  3. Sad Girls: A novel about love and anxiety
  4. Crazy Rich Asians: An international bestseller set in Singapore
  5. American Gods: Roadtrip through American mythology

Yoyo Cao at Singapore Fashion Week

Yoyo Cao on Social Media

In Depth

Known for her innovative designs and pairings, Yoyo Cao is an extremely popular face in the international style scene. A designer, blogger, and social media star, she has shown her talent in a variety of areas and has a huge following among fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Online, Cao is better known as Yoyo Kulala, a name she says she "thought of randomly" when in need of a username. Born in Macau on the southern coast of China, she moved to Singapore when she was a teenager. She noticed that the country's shops lacked the variety of choices in clothing that she had gotten used to seeing in Hong Kong, and wanted to find a way to offer the same unique diversity to local consumers. She decided to start importing affordable pieces from all around Asia, which led to the founding of her women's fashion brand called Exhibit in 2010.

The label began as a store that sold pieces by other brands, but over time, it evolved into its own clothing line created by Yoyo herself. It is mostly simple, minimalist basics that are designed to be timeless rather than trendy. The winter collection for 2017 featured a "warrior princess" theme, bringing together tougher looking fabrics with feminine cuts and patterns.

The label began as a store that sold pieces by other brands, but over time, it evolved into its own clothing line created by Yoyo herself.

A few years after the creation of her brand, Yoyo got the opportunity to style a show for Singapore's Fashion Week in 2014. She decided to design her own label, which she unveiled at the show. Around the same time, her social media following began to take off and she became more and more popular.

Cao is best known for her own personal take on street style, layering seemingly mismatched pieces to create unique combinations. Living in a tropical country, she is particularly concerned with keeping her outfits comfortable in the heat. She gets inspiration and stays on top of current trends by going to fashion shows every season and learning from the designers featured there.

Yoyo has been mentioned in Vogue magazine on multiple occasions, calling her the woman responsible for "putting Southeast Asian style on the map." She was also in Harper's Bazaar's list of "ones to watch in 2016" and has won two Golden Peacock awards from New York Magazine's The Cut. In August of 2016, she graced the cover of Elle Singapore.

In August of 2016, she graced the cover of Elle Singapore.

In addition to selling clothing and accessories, Yoyo has a website where she blogs about many different cultural topics. Under fashion, she offers commentaries on current trends and up and coming brands to watch. The beauty section has tips and advice on makeup, hair, and skincare. Under lifestyle are recommendations for books, home decor, recipes, and restaurants. The travel section highlights photos, guides, and stories from cities all over the world.

In 2016, Yoyo joined the style council for The Net Set, a social media shopping app. Users join "style tribes" where they can talk to and trade ideas with others who have similar tastes in fashion and beauty products. Cao led the Fashion Week Insider tribe and shared her recent purchases, wishlists, and behind the scenes photos.

A few years into her career, Cao was approached by Huayi Brothers, one of the largest movie studios in China, about acting in some of their productions. She turned down the offer, telling them she was not born to be an actress.

She turned down the offer, telling them she was not born to be an actress.

Not only is she a designer, but Yoyo also takes many of the photographs for the Exhibit website. When it comes to her Instagram photos, she often drives around the city scouting out locations with backdrops that match her outfits.

Cao is typically very private about her family and personal relationships. She maintains a barrier between her social media personality and her offline life. To unwind, she enjoys spending time at home with friends and occasionally going out for karaoke. Her boyfriend of over four years, Matthews Chang, is also in the fashion industry and has managed client accounts at a variety of companies. In their spare time, they watch a lot of National Geographic and other documentary shows. In December of 2017, Yoyo announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with a baby boy by posting a photo of her sonogram and a pair of tiny sneakers.