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What You Need To Know About 800Florals

Phillip's 800-Florals has been delivering bouquets throughout the United States and Canada since 1923. Same-day service is available in most areas, though no orders arrive later than the next day. Their network of thousands of local florists ensures each arrangement arrives fresh and elegantly put together. Whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or a funeral, they have selections for any occasion. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

800-Florals allows you to browse their selection by product or occasion. If you select the former, they'll provide guidance based on what your needs are. Whether you want to ensure your order's arrival by a certain time or ship fresh-cut bouquets straight from a local grower, their product list has you covered. If you prefer to shop by occasion, simply select the relevant event from their comprehensive list. They'll then show you a selection of products that fits the bill.

The 800-Florals website features helpful guides for choosing and maintaining nearly every type of flower they offer. Suggestions for seasonal gift ideas, arrangement tips, and etiquette guides for sending sympathy flowers are just a few examples of the helpful information available. They even have a best-practices guide for funerals organized by religion, in case you're not sure what type of flowers to send. In some faiths, sending any flowers at all is inappropriate. Their site makes it easy to check before you make a mistake.

For those who can't send the real thing or simply want to make an immediate impact while they wait for their orders to ship, 800-Florals offers free virtual flower delivery. While it may sound silly, a thoughtful e-card with the image of a beautiful bouquet can make a big difference to someone going through hard times. Choose from a wide selection of high-resolution images and add a personal greeting. Their email service will take care of the rest.

800-Florals is a Chicago-based company, with retail locations throughout the area. They also offer a downloadable PDF of their catalogue if you want to browse offline. Their website does feel a bit dated. However, they'll get your order where it needs to go, and make it beautiful while they're at it.

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