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What You Need To Know About Amazon Flowers

Amazon Flowers applies the digital retail giant's reach and pricing to living plants and cut floral bouquets. Their familiar interface and range of shipping options is a welcome respite from the clunkier sites of independent retailers. From indoor shrubs and bonsai trees to arrangements suitable to serve as table centerpieces, there's plenty on offer. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

If paging through thousands of options doesn't sound appealing to you, Amazon offers helpful occasion-based categories. This way, you can find the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary without getting bogged down in all the irrelevant options. When Valentine's Day or Christmas comes around, they've got you covered for that too.

If you see something you like that's not necessarily what you're shopping for, Amazon's helpful Wish List feature lets you save it for later. Given the breadth of their selection, it's more than likely you'll encounter gifts you want for yourself while shopping for a Mother's Day present. It's also a great way to bookmark things you're interested in for later. Keeping a running tab of appealing options will speed up the process the next time you're looking for a living gift as well.

When you need something in a hurry, Amazon's Prime shipping service guarantees it'll be at your door within two days. If you're a frequent shopper, you can opt for an annual subscription or pay by the month to ensure rapid delivery of not just plants and flowers, but also the rest of their inventory of millions of products. A subscription also grants you unlimited access to their TV and movie content for streaming, in case you need something else to do once you're done watering your plants.

Their offerings are based on the inventory of the many individual retailers who make use of Amazon's platform. Because of this, their selection is constantly growing and changing. This is great for those who like variety, but finding the best options can sometimes be a challenge. That being said, it's easy to sort by preferred sellers, styles, shipping options, and price points. Their keyword search function is also extremely thorough.

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