Call-em-all Review: 5 Fast Facts

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What You Need To Know About Call-em-all

Call-em-all is a popular voice broadcasting service. It presents a straightforward way of keeping your contacts updated on the latest news. You won't have to reach out to everyone individually to do so. The system lets you record a message, specify who should receive it, and schedule a time for release. It's used by thousands of clients across the country. These include religious groups, property managers, and staffing departments.

Sending your first blast with Call-em-all is particularly easy. Other services make users jump through several hoops to get up and running. Call-em-all only requires a few simple steps. First you create a contact list. Then you record your message, either from your computer, mobile phone, or through the company's toll free number. You can send it immediately or schedule it for sometime in the future. There are other features you might want to take advantage of, but for a basic robo call, it's that simple.

From a design standpoint, Call-em-all's system is also more user friendly than some of its competitors'. Its online interface is attractive and uncluttered, with all options presented clearly. You can create an account on the site without having to register your credit card. That way, you can peruse it before you decide if the service will be right for you.

Call-em-all makes it a cinch to manage contacts. You can create an unlimited number of audience groups. You can send messages to specific groups or to all your contacts at once. School administrators, for example, need a certain level of granularity. Sometimes they need to contact the entire school. Other times, all that is needed is to contact a particular class. Either way, Call-em-all gives you plenty of control.

Call-em-all does put some serious limitations on how clients use their software, however. The company doesn't allow for political, fundraising, or marketing messages. Its prices for small message campaigns are also considerably higher than other services'. Still, you won't have to worry about being shorted on extra features, since it has them all.

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