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Last Updated: June 29, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

What You Need To Know About GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing service with tools to help you build and customize your brand. Every tier offers comprehensive email marketing. They offer a tiered selection of packages. These packages offer everything from website building to professional campaign consultation. The company has over 350,000 current users. Some of these users are recognizable brands including Hilton Hotels and the Tiger Woods Foundation. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Drag-and-drop editing creates custom emails in minutes. GetResponse offers a simple interface for email design. You can use the company’s premade templates as they are. You can also make quick adjustments by dragging elements around the page and placing them wherever you like. It’s easy to scale, crop, and resize any element. The system’s snippets archive allows you to save and reuse content in future emails. You can also view your email creation history. This will keep you from getting too repetitive with your design. It can also help you see what worked best in the past.

GetResponse automatically reshapes your emails across platforms. Any email you create within the company’s system will look as good on a mobile device as it will on a computer. The optimization happens without you having to do anything. More hands-on users can preview mobile optimization and make changes to their liking. This level of control will help your message stay consistent no matter where your customers view it.

With A/B testing, you can refine your approach. GetResponse allows you to pit subject lines, from fields, and email content against each other. That will show you what approach gets the best reaction from your base. You can test up to five variations against one another to achieve optimal performance. You can also get a preview of what your emails will look like in a customer’s inbox.

GetResponse provides very comprehensive analytics to its users. The interface itself feels a little outdated. That can make you want to spend a little less time with the data. This backend portal is full of useful information, however. You can see which emails are being opened the most. You can also get a sense of what promotions are getting the best response from customers.

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