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What You Need To Know About Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a service that allows you to run a business using just your mobile phone. No complicated phone systems or special wiring is required. It's easy to setup and easy to run. And a nice mobile app does most of the work. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

You get to keep your existing phone number. Or, you can also get a new toll-free or local number. You can choose your own area code. A toll-free number can give you a national appeal. Or, a local number can embed you in a community. You can get multiple extensions for every person on your team. Grasshopper has call forwarding to mobile phones.

You can manage everything using your mobile phone. It works so well that you can work from anywhere. We're big fans of Grasshopper because of its top-notch service. It scores well for good overall value. Our tests indicate that the service is rock-solid. It's worthy of even a large and fast-paced business. You can create customized menus. For example, a voice menu like: Press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service, press 3 for public relations. Or any such voice menu that you can devise.

Grasshopper transcribes your voicemail. It lets you send text messages directly to your customers. That means your texts don't come from your personal cell number. Every member of your business team can have their own settings. They can all get call forwarding. This makes the call come to you when you are out of the office. The built-in Caller ID lets you display your business number on your customer's caller ID no matter which phone you call from.

Grasshopper isn't free, and there are a few one-off fees when you get started. For example, it costs money to transfer an existing number to Grasshopper's service. And that is in addition to an ongoing subscription payment. But this is a business class phone service, and you need to pay for it.

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