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I Drive Safely Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About I Drive Safely

I Drive Safely is an organization focused on providing instruction for safe driving. They do this primarily through courses in defensive driving, driver improvement, and driver's education. These are state-approved for students everywhere in America. You're not limited by location. They mostly take place online, which offers considerable flexibility to students. In Texas, California, and Georgia, they have state-licensed driving schools. You can attend these in person to complete behind-the-wheel training programs.

In most states, taking a defensive driving course is the way to remove points from your license or reduce insurance rates. In Michigan, Missouri, and Virginia, those courses are called driver improvement. In other states like California, Florida, and Nevada, the same can be achieved by attending traffic school. I Drive Safely offers state-approved online programs to help you clean up your record and save money on insurance.

I Drive Safely provides instruction suitable to prepare new drivers to get their licenses or permits in every state. They provide all the guidance you need to enter test day with confidence. They also offer training for individuals preparing to obtain a commercial driver or motorcycle license. For visual learners, their Driver Prep Course distills the written material into an engaging one hour multimedia experience.

The I Drive Safely website provides helpful resources for aspiring drivers everywhere. Get to know your state's specific requirements with their helpful guides before choosing which program right for you. If you need additional guidance, their customer support hotline is always available.

I Drive Safely has been teaching drivers ed and associated driving courses for over 15 years. Their comprehensive approach covers learners of all styles and levels, and people on all schedules. Some users have experienced issues with their voice verification process. This occurs at the end of each chapter of instruction. But their technical support is readily available and comprehensive should any problems arise. They provide consistent results. That's true regardless of what type of instruction you're looking for or in which state you live.

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