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Last Updated: June 28, 2017 by Ezra Glenn

What You Need To Know About Jackson & Perkins

Jackson & Perkins provides reliable delivery for live flora of all kinds. Their selection includes countless specimens suitable for both outdoor planting or indoor potted growth. Their website features helpful navigation options including by preferred growing conditions, from perennial flowering shrubs that thrive in full sunlight to those that prefer the shade. They're also well known for their selection of rose bushes, which come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Among the selections offered by Jackson & Perkins are many specialty options. There's a whole section of their site devoted to plants that attract butterflies, for example, and another for those that thrive in especially dry climates. The edibles section may be particularly enticing for those looking to supplement their diets with some homegrown produce. From standards like lemon, lime, and orange trees to berries, kiwis, and more, there's something for everyone, and many of the smaller options start at under twenty dollars.

When it comes to giving gifts, Jackson & Perkins has you covered there as well. A whole section of their website is devoted to a gift guide, which features categories ranging from elegantly designed succulents and terrariums to wreaths, house plants, and packages that include chocolate and other snacks. For the particularly green-thumbed among your loved ones, they also offer herb and vegetable garden starter kits.

All Jackson & Perkins orders are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that if any issue arises, they'll take accountability and do what they can to make it right. They offer a toll-free hotline available during business hours six days a week. Their website also features a live chat interface for quick responses to inquiries regarding orders past and present. An FAQ section provides detailed care instructions for most types of plants they sell as well.

As far as delivery is concerned, orders placed via the Jackson & Perkins website typically arrive within five business days. Some specimens don't ship until their ideal planting season, but that's ultimately for your benefit. Otherwise, you might end up spending your time and money on adding life and color to your garden only to see it wither. This way, they're helping you set yourself up for success.

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