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What You Need To Know About LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a smart alternative to spending time and a large sum of money in a lawyer's office. Their website can be used to file articles of incorporation for S and C corporations or create an LLC. One can also create a non-profit organization on their site or register a DBA fictitious name. Other business services include the filing of annual reports, trademark or patent registration, and foreign qualification applications. Personal services they offer include creating court-ready divorce documents and designating a power of attorney. They can also be used for green card applications, initiating personal injury claims, wills and trusts, and more.

After creating a legal document on LegalZoom, it is reviewed by specialists. They will check if you have filled out the form correctly and in its entirety. This helps ensure it will be legally binding and protect you in the event of future legal issues. The website contains a wealth of information on every type of document they can help you prepare.

You do not need any legal or tax knowledge to prepare business incorporation documents on the website. They generally process articles of incorporation quickly. You can also pay for expedited filing if needed. When incorporating your business, they can help you to create personalized bylaws or an operating agreement. This can protect officers and owners from liability.

Their services can be used to incorporate a business in any state. We did find that they do not offer as much state specific information as some of their smaller competitors, though. They have a number of helpful services for after the formation of your business. One can use their website to apply for an Employer Identification Number or set up an annual compliance calendar. This can help you avoid penalties for missing important filing deadlines.

There is almost no type of legal document that LegalZoom cannot prepare. They are well suited to both business and personal needs. Unfortunately, their customer support has been known to be slow to respond. This means they may not be the best choice if you have an urgent legal matter. The website is easy to navigate. It walks you through the preparation of your documents in a step-by-step method. If needed, they can also connect you with a lawyer in your area for more complex legal matters.

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