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LinkedIn Makeover Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

Last Updated: July 19, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn Makeover provides three levels of LinkedIn profile services. They are eDelivery, Interactive, and All Access. With each, you'll provide your personal details to the company. Then, they'll create a profile for you that's unique and SEO-conscious. If you opt for the two higher levels, you'll complete a consultation with a Branding Specialist. And if you select All Access, you'll also get 30 days of support and mentoring.

You can learn more about online networking and profile writing with LinkedIn Makeover. They have paid and free resources, ranging from video courses to e-books to handy question-and-answer pages. These help you keep your profile optimized as you change jobs, finish your education, or undergo other periodic career changes. Topics include how to efficiently update your information, select a profile picture, use LinkedIn tools, and much more.

LinkedIn Makeover offers services for corporations as well as for individuals. They can help you whether you need a corporate LinkedIn page, webpage optimization, blog content, or marketing materials. They'll work with you to determine what you need to say and where your content will receive the most attention. With their expert assistance, you'll see your company's LinkedIn and general online presence flourish.

With LinkedIn Makeover, you can take a look at a range of examples before you commit to their services. Not every LinkedIn profile is the same. Different professions have different needs. But you can see actual past examples of profile overhauls with LinkedIn Makeover. You can judge for yourself if they'll meet your requirements. You'll see plenty of testimonials on the website, too.

LinkedIn Makeover was founded by one of the pioneers in professional profile optimization, Donna Serdula. She's the author of a popular book on the subject, LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies. In short, she's known for her expertise in the field. As you might imagine, her company's corporate, resume, and LinkedIn profile services do not come cheap. You may find, however, that the boost your career gets will return your investment ten times over.

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