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MagicJack Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About MagicJack

MagicJack is a voice over IP provider that uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. They make it possible to replace your landline with something that feels quite similar. You can even keep your existing home phone, or make calls via your computer. They're useful if you're looking to stop paying your cable company for phone service. Or if you simply want an alternative to Vonage or Google Voice. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

The MagicJackGo is a small, USB-powered device that connects to your modem with a standard ethernet cable. It can also be connected directly to your computer, if that's more convenient. Once that's done, it connects to any telephone, providing a reliable digital connection for making or receiving calls. It's a great choice for replacing typical landline service at a fraction of the cost.

For a portable solution, try the MagicApp. It comes free with your MagicJack service. With it, you can make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages from your mobile device. The only difference is that it all happens within the app. There are no limits on calling or texting within the United States. That means you don't have to worry about running out of minutes or paying per message. Calls to and from Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are also included. It uses Wi-Fi connections or your existing cellular data plan to keep you connected at all times.

MagicJack also provides international solutions for those with friends, family, or business overseas. As long as the person you're connecting with is using the MagicApp or has a MagicJack installed it's completely free. That coverage is worldwide. If you're communicating with someone via their traditional phone line, fees will apply. The cost is reasonable.

Thanks to their combination of hardware and software solutions, MagicJack has options to suit most people's needs. Some users report less-than-perfect call clarity in some cases. For the most part, it's an elegant system that shouldn't give you much trouble. It even allows you to port over your existing phone number. Most people won't be able to tell that you've changed anything about your phone system. But you'll still reap the cost and flexibility benefits of switching over.

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