National Insurance Crime Bureau Review: 5 Fast Facts

National Insurance Crime Bureau Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is a nonprofit organization that fights insurance fraud and crime. They offer Vehicle Identification Number checks and individual vehicle histories based on the data they collect. They also perform analytics on crime statistics to help keep consumers informed on vehicle theft patterns and more. They can also help you determine if a vehicle you're interested in purchasing is or has ever been stolen.

The range of services offered by the NICB is broad. They provide theft and fraud awareness programs. They even train special investigators to identify insurance crimes. On top of that, they work tirelessly to improve safety and raise the public consciousness. Full vehicle history reports are even available. They partner with an external provider to integrate that service into their offerings. Their analysis of vehicle-related crime lays the foundation for law enforcement policies around the nation. They even help people avoid cars with histories of theft and fraud.

Thanks to their research, the NICB provides lots of helpful and fascinating statistics on their website. For example, curious customers can see the most commonly stolen vehicles by state. Popular sites of car theft are identified across the nation, and in each state. Resources like checklists are provided to help identify fraud for all types of vehicles, including boats.

The NICB issues regular news releases. These help keep the public abreast of thefts and other insurance-related issues. Their goal is to keep Americans informed so they can avoid becoming victims. Casualty and property insurance fraud affects everyone. It drives up costs, even for people who were in no way involved. Their noble goal is to stop the problem with education and research-based solutions.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a history in this country dating back over 100 years. It is an amalgamation of many organizations that have existed for even longer. Because of this, it serves many purposes. They may not be the sleekest Carfax alternative out there, but they do good and consistent work. Using them to shop for a new vehicle won't be quite as streamlined as others. But those others won't be as useful for law enforcement training or crime analysis. Positives and negatives aside, they're a benevolent organization that you can rely on.

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