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Noble Systems Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About Noble Systems

Noble Systems provides a range of products and services to help you efficiently run your business. They developed their first predictive dialer in 1985. The quality of their suite of optimization tools and software reflects their experience in the industry. They offer outbound and inbound call management services, call recording, and compliance solutions for businesses. They provide valuable analytics on how best to optimize their organization based on the data they collect while in use.

When it comes to generating sales leads, Noble Systems offers a host of tools. These work together to maximize efficiency and produce real results. Their predictive dialer has eight standard pace settings. This allows you to adjust volume to the needs of your call center on the fly. It screens for unanswered and busy lines to allow your agents to focus on the calls that matter. They also offer a custom script-building tool. This allows for rapid data entry to ensure new leads get added to your CRM system efficiently.

Noble's digital recording services reinforce their suite of tools. They allow for easy review of agent performance by managers. The recordings can also be used to track and ensure compliance. This is an important safeguard for your business. They even have compliance experts on staff if you have questions about FCC regulations regarding call centers and automated dialing.

Your business might use blended methods of customer outreach. Noble offers management solutions to keep all of your communications organized. If you offer email, text message, or web-based support, their system can track clients just as it does for those with whom you've contacted over the phone. Their integrated dashboards consolidate customer information. This ensures that you're never losing track of possible sales or individuals in need of a follow up.

Noble Systems is a truly flexible platform for managing customer relationships. Their agent desktop displays information about communications through all channels to ensure comprehensive sales and support tracking. While some of their tools are a bit basic, the breadth of their software solutions is their strong suit.

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