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What You Need To Know About K & K Insurance Group

K & K Insurance is a purveyor of packages covering the sports, leisure, and entertainment fields. That includes personal training. They are a subsidiary of Aon, one of the largest providers of risk management solutions in the world. The company aims to make it easy for your entire insurance experience to be conducted online.

K & K Insurance started in the racing world. Their first iteration was a benevolent fund to help pay the medical bills of injured race car drivers. The founders’ passion for such a dangerous sport gave them a deep understanding of how important insurance was. In short order, their offerings expanded to cover everyone from daredevil drivers to personal trainers.

K & K Insurance has policies designed to cover many health and fitness professions. These include personal trainers, dance instructors, fitness bootcamps, and more. No matter your particular field, there is a plan designed just for you. The company also has a dedicated sports instructor program. You might have a personal fitness client interested in training in a particular sport. You can acquire the necessary coverage for that, as well.

Buying a policy online is incredibly fast. K & K Insurance takes you through a few simple steps to acquire your insurance policy. You can input any and all of your pertinent certifications. These can help reduce the cost of coverage. You can also see a comprehensive list of available yearly premiums and their coverage amounts. It’s easy to understand what you’re getting, and how much you’re going to pay for it. From there, you simply input your personal and business information, and you're good to go.

K & K provides you with a concise FAQ page. It aims to answer questions that most customers have when applying for coverage. It can explain some terms that may be foreign to anyone who is unfamiliar with the insurance market. If you have more pressing concerns, you can call the company. You cannot, however, apply for insurance over the phone. You have to go through the website. If you don't want to apply online directly, you can download a PDF of the forms. These you can submit by email, fax, or good old-fashioned post.

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