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Last Updated: May 31, 2017 by Ben G

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1 is a detail-oriented service with a Do-It-Yourself flare. Its web interface allows you to control just about everything about your plan. More than 50 features can be controlled online. These include adding numbers and extensions. You can also access caller analytics to learn about who’s calling your company. The website can even record and catalogue calls for reference, training, and legal purposes. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

You control call routing. Custom and professional menus guide your customers to the right department in seconds. Callers can dial by names or extensions to reach a desired person or department. Whoever they reach can also transfer them to another department in-call. That means you don’t have to have them go back to any menu to get where they’re going.

Comprehensive scheduling can control your traffic. You can set calls to go to different people at different times. This is especially useful for international companies. Support in different time zones can respond accordingly. A different set of greetings, menus, and extensions can all be applied to different times or days. Calls from certain people can route directly to your mobile phone, while other callers can only reach you at your desk.

Video conferencing is also supported. It’s not a free service, and it costs in addition to your monthly fees. The quality and the interface for the conferencing are excellent. Video conferences can support up to 25 participants. You can also string users in on phone lines for a total of 200 participants. The platform allows for easy screen sharing. It also has a director feature, which keeps you in total control of your meetings.

Some users have reported frequent service interruptions. It’s difficult to determine whether these were in the system, or they were the fault of a weak internet connection. Network speed certainly affects performance. The company offers U.S.-based support 7 days a week. If something does go wrong, they’ll be around to help you fix it. | Reviewed by Ezvid Wiki | Rating: 3.9 Has Been Featured In This Wiki

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