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What You Need To Know About Scan Mailboxes

Scan Mailboxes provides digital mailbox services that can save you time. No longer will you have to check your mailbox every day. Members are provided with a physical street address in Austin, Texas. All of your mail can be sent to this new address. It will be scanned and e-mailed to you. The service also provides Texas registered agent services for businesses. There is always somebody in the office to receive legal documents.

Using Scan Mailboxes digital mailbox services is convenient and secure. When mail arrives, they will scan the front of all envelopes and packages. You will receive a copy of the scan via e-mail. All mail is kept in a secure locker, while the company awaits your instructions on how to proceed.

Members are provided with multiple options for how their mail should be processed. You can choose to have it opened, with the entire contents scanned and e-mailed to you. Mail is scanned in full color. It can then be downloaded as a PDF file. Scan Mailboxes can be instructed to forward any important packages or envelopes to your physical address, such as those containing credit cards or legal documents. Members can also request that checks be deposited into their bank account.

After your mail is opened and scanned, it will be completely shredded. The company uses a reputable truck shredding service. All shredding takes place on-site and is supervised by a manager. This ensures that no sensitive information is ever leaked. None of your personal information will ever be shared or sold. Scan Mailboxes is authorized as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency by the United States Postal Services.

Scan Mailboxes can be extremely helpful for those who travel often. They will keep your physical envelopes for sixty days with no additional charges. Packages are kept for fourteen days. Unfortunately, after this time there is a minimal per-day fee. You don't have to worry about your mail being disposed of if you do not have internet access for an extended period of time.

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