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What You Need To Know About ShoreTel

ShoreTel is a full service business phone solution company that offers cloud, hybrid, and onsite options. They have software that lets you create custom voice and SMS applications according to your needs. Their services are best suited to small and mid-size companies. The majority of the business phone systems they offer come with integrated collaboration tools. Your workforce will be able to share content across a range of devices, no matter their operating system.

ShoreTel has flexible call center solutions. They provide agents and supervisors with a range of capabilities. Your employees will be able to communicate with each other from a single platform. They can use a combination of e-mail, instant messaging, voice and web chat, and more. Their business phone systems also offer additional features. These include customized routing options, inbound and outbound campaigns, and in-depth reporting.

You won't need to install or maintain costly physical office phones. ShoreTel uses a unified cloud communication system. All of your team's communications, both internal and external, will be conducted via the internet. This makes it ideal for companies with remote team members. Additional capabilities can be added with little effort. These ensure your business phone system keeps pace with your needs. You can quickly add additional users or locations.

ShoreTel's onsite business phone system can be integrated with a range of popular business applications. These include NetSuite, SalesForce, and Microsoft Dynamics. The system also includes automated attendant functions. Dial by name, dial by extension, and on-hold ring reminders are some examples. Callers will be able to transfer themselves to a specific extension without the help of a receptionist or operator.

ShoreTel's CPaaS software enables you to embed voice and SMS functionality into your existing applications. You will be able to automate many processes to increase your efficiency. You can also customize your phone systems and current business applications to streamline your workflow. You can create an app that lets you make and receive calls from your most used business software. There are a high number of features and settings available in ShoreTel's solutions. It is highly recommended to have a dedicated IT specialist to set up and troubleshoot the systems.

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