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What You Need To Know About Sittercity

Sittercity has more than fifteen years of experience striving for a simple mission, which is to make childcare work. The company has connected millions of families to babysitters all across the nation. Over four thousand new babysitters join the website each day with new jobs posted every two minutes. It seeks to go beyond just matching families with the right caregiver and skill set. Sittercity also believes that each caregiver should be able to challenge, enrich, and nurture every child.

Initial signup on the website is free of charge and includes limited job postings. You can also view messages from sitters. Premium membership plans are available to parents in one, three and twelve month increments. They offer the ability to reach out directly to local caregivers. This includes responding to sitter messages and proactively seeking out candidates that match a given skill set. Sittercity will refund you the cost of a subscription should you decide to cancel within the first five days. If you contact customer service after 5 days, you are still eligible for a prorated refund.

Connecting with high-ranking sitters is easy using the website's mobile app. You can post new jobs from the convenience of your own cell phone. Those sitters matching your desired traits can reach out to you and apply. When they do this, you'll receive instant notifications. You'll also be able to view babysitter profiles, photos and basic or enhanced background checks.

Sittercity provides many helpful suggestions for performing reference checks. The company understands that this can be awkward for parents when narrowing down choices. They recommend asking about personality, job performance, and the length of time the sitter worked for the reference. The company maintains a list of potential questions that you can ask your reference when reaching out.

Trying to get in touch with customer service can be difficult at times. Also, you may need to keep an eye on billing if you decide to cancel an automatic subscription renewal. That being said, the company is one of the easiest childcare services to navigate online with a wealth of information.

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