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What You Need To Know About SpitFire

SpitFire makes calling software that allows you to reach more customers in less time. Their products include a predictive dialer, a call center management interface, and more. It's based in the cloud, which makes their services accessible from any web browser. Founded in 1999, they're a branch of OPC Marketing, which is based in Addison, Texas. In the years since their inception, they've grown significantly. They started as a small enterprise. Now, they provide automated telecommunications services to businesses of all sizes. They work with industries ranging from financial services to healthcare, and everything in between.

The predictive dialer software makes running any type of call center more efficient. They offer unlimited call lines to reach as many customers or clients as your agents can handle at a time. It features five dialing modes. These include a broad range of options. On one end is a predictive mode. It adapts to the patterns of your calls to maximize efficiency automatically. On the other end are manual options. These are for those occasions where your agents need to take control of call volume themselves.

The system monitors your call data to help cut down on wasted time. It doesn't connect your agents to calls where the lines may be busy or go unanswered. It only puts them on the phone when there's an actual person on the other end. This allows them to move from call to call with little to no downtime. The advanced algorithm slows down or ramps up call volume depending on multiple factors. These include average call time, success rate, and the number of agents available.

SpitFire works for both inbound and outbound-focused call centers, as well as blended environments. For customer service lines, they manage wait times with ease. This leads to increased caller satisfaction, which helps your business retain valuable customers. Outbound calls are as simple as loading a list of phone numbers for potential leads into the system. The system will connect to an agent as soon as someone picks up the phone.

SpitFire offers customized solutions for businesses with a range of needs. Their flexibility helps them tailor their suite of products to your call center. That way, you don't end up paying for features you don't need. Their system is easy to set up, and they offer excellent support should you encounter any issues along the way. Many of their products are available with a one-time payment. This method may prove expensive for some businesses in the short term. It may actually end up saving you money in the long term when compared with subscription-based services.

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