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STD Test Express Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

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What You Need To Know About STD Test Express

STD Test Express is an online clinic for fast, private STD screening. The organization is teamed up with a national doctor’s network called the Analyte Physicians Group. This partnership ensures that there will be a lab relatively close to your home. It also allows the system’s doctors to write prescriptions where permitted by state law. You can order your test, get your results, and seek effective treatment all in one place.

STD Test Express streamlines the process of testing. All you have to do is answer a simple set of questions. Based on your answers, the system will recommend certain tests. In many cases, it’s advisable to test for as much as possible. You’ll then visit a local testing facility and provide whatever samples they require. Doctors from within the company group will be available for further consultation after you get your results.

You can also schedule an in-home test. Some patients may have mobility issues or problems with transportation. There may also be privacy concerns if the only local testing center is too close to a patient’s work or home. When that’s the case, STD Test Express can provide you with an in-home sample collection. A specialist will come to your house, or to any location you specify. They will quickly take your sample and deliver it directly to the lab.

With STD Test Express, you get your results fast. Most patients will get the results of their STD test within three business days. Speed like this is particularly important when immediate treatment is needed. The company provides you with a secure account on their website. Once logged in, you can view your results however often you please.

STD Test Express do all they can to save you money on your testing. Cost varies by lab, and you won’t see any prices until you complete the questionnaire. The system asks only one question at a time, which can seem tedious. Once you’ve finished, you can pick one of however many labs are in your area. If there’s a less expensive lab nearby, the system alerts you. This will help ensure you get the best price available.

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