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What You Need To Know About SurePayroll

SurePayroll makes it simple to process payroll checks, manage employee payment records, and handle payroll taxes. It is a web-based software that doesn't require users to download or install a program on their computer. You will be able to manage your payroll processes from any internet-connected computer. The company also has a mobile application compatible with Android and Apple devices. SurePayroll has a time clock integration option that works with most popular time clock companies.

SurePayroll provides a step-by-step guide to help with the initial set up. The tour is easy to follow. It has clearly labeled boxes for entering employee information, such as hourly rate, overtime rate, holiday pay, and more. You can also choose to work with a live support specialist if you find that more convenient. Once you have entered an employee into the system, handling payroll is simple. You just input the employee's hours and their pay check or direct deposit will be automatically processed.

The web-based interface is easy to navigate. It has five tabs along the top of the screen. These are labeled account center, payroll, reports, employees, and company. This makes it simple to jump to each section as needed. Along the left side of the screen is a list of tools related to the category you have chosen.

Employees can login to SurePayroll's web portal to access their records. They will be able to see their pay history, deductions, and 401(k) totals along with some other personal information. To further accommodate an employee's needs, SurePayroll allows you to perform direct deposits into up to three accounts per staffer. This is helpful for workers who need their paycheck split up into multiple accounts.

SurePayroll can be used in conjunction with many common accounting programs. These include Quickbooks, Sage, Intacct, and Kashoo. Once integrated, the software can instantly post payroll entries to your general ledger. This eliminates the possibility of making a mistake during manual ledger entry. It also streamlines your accounting procedures. You will no longer have to enter payroll information into two separate systems. Being able to integrate with these accounting programs doesn't mean it can do everything. For instance, SurePayroll cannot automatically import an employee's information during the setup process.

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