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Last Updated: November 21, 2017 by Jordan Melcher

What You Need To Know About Trademark Engine

Trademark Engine can help you register both copyrights and trademarks. In addition, they offer trademark monitoring services. A monitoring service helps ensure your trademarks aren't being used illegally by other entities. To ensure you never waste money, they provide comprehensive trademark searches. You can use their website to register your trademark or copyright in as little as seven minutes.

Using Trademark Engine to register your name, slogan, or logo is a simple process. You start by doing a quick availability search. This tells you if your trademark, or something similar, is already in use. Next you fill out a short questionnaire. There is online support available if you have any questions during the process. After reviewing and confirming your details, Trademark Engine will file for your trademark. The entire process can be completed online.

Monitoring your trademark is also an important step. If you do not enforce your trademark, you could potentially lose the registration benefits. Trademark Engine's proprietary monitoring service scours the federal trademark database. This search will reveal if any other entity is using a similar mark. Each month you will receive a detailed report of any potentially conflicting trademarks.

Trademark Engine's copyright protection services can be used for a variety of different types of work. These include written works, such as screenplays, scripts, books, poems, and more. They can also be used for visual arts, such as maps, drawings, animations, and photographs. This is just a small sampling. Other works that can be copyrighted are computer programs, website material, choreographic works, and film scores.

Trademark Engine was started by an experienced trademark lawyer. It is extremely helpful for those who cannot afford to hire a full-service intellectual property attorney. You will get the same level of protection, without the additional costs of in person meetings. The Trademark Engine website contains a wealth of information on trademark- and copyright-related issues. However, some users will find the constant upselling throughout the registration process pushy.

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