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Trapcall Review: 5 Fast Facts | Video Wiki

Last Updated: July 08, 2017 by Sheila O'Neill

What You Need To Know About Trapcall

Trapcall is one of the best methods for screening incoming calls and deterring any undesired contacts out there. The service has been around for several years now. It's one of the more popular spam blocking technologies available. Part of the reason for that is its effectiveness. Another part is the wealth of features it offers users. Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Getting protected with Trapcall is as easy as signing up and downloading the app. Once set up, it will begin automatically blocking known problem callers if you have an iPhone, and flagging them as spam before you answer if you're using Android. All of the company's support and development continues to be conducted in-house. So if you run into an issue help won't be far away.

While other competitors stop at spam blocking, Trapcall goes a step further. The app also unmasks anonymous caller IDs, sending the number through its software system to identify the source. It will let you record and store conversations for future reference. It can even force unknown callers to announce themselves before being put through. This gives you a more complete picture of who is trying to contact you.

Trapcall's features work in concert to let its users maintain the utmost privacy. That makes it a good option for victims of domestic abuse, or anyone else who feels they are being harassed. One of the service's plans caters specifically to this user base, offering comprehensive protection from unwanted contacts.

The only major drawback with Trapcall is cost. The company stopped offering a free trial of its software shortly after debuting. You'll have to commit to a paid subscription if you want to test drive its features. The good news is there are plans to accommodate almost all budgets and purposes.

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