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What You Need To Know About Upromise

Choosing Upromise helps you defray the expenses associated with higher education. College is costly. Like, an arm and a leg expensive. But with Upromise, you can get shopper cashback rewards from shopping, dining out, traveling, and more. These rewards can be sent to eligible tax-advantaged college savings plans, Upromise savings accounts, and student loan providers. Or you can request a check, perhaps for day-to-day costs.

With Upromise, you can choose a beneficiary for your savings. Let's say you aren't the one going to university. It's your child or children. That's no problem. Simply name one or more other people as the beneficiary when you create your account. And no matter who's named to receive the rewards, it's totally free to join.

You can find scholarship and grant information through Upromise. Sometimes knowledge can be just as powerful as money. The Upromise website offers you access to this knowledge. This includes helpful info on filling out the FAFSA, finding grants, and saving on college expenses. They also provide Scholarship Search. This service lets you make a profile and get matched with scholarships based on a range of qualifications, including skills and activities.

Upromise offers money back at some of the hottest online retailers. These are stores and websites that you're probably shopping at anyway, such as Amazon and Macy's. This way, you aren't spending any extra money just to get some rewards. You can buy the things you need but save in the process. You'll also have access to great coupons, sales, deals, and promo codes, making your savings even bigger.

Upromise offers tons of ways to put your money to work for you. You'll see your savings grow when you register your credit, debit, and store loyalty cards. Or, if you don't want to add your card info, just click on your favorite stores at the Upromise website. Be careful on mobile devices, though. They may not track properly, which means you'll lose some of your shopper cashback rewards. You'll probably want to be at a computer, anyway. The huge amount of stuff that Upromise provides deserves your full attention.

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