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Last Updated: July 17, 2017 by Sheila O'Neill

What You Need To Know About UrbanStems

UrbanStems offers a sleek platform for sending artfully arranged flowers to addresses in and around several major American cities. They provide delivery on demand, so you can get your orders where they need to go within two hours of checking out. Every bouquet is hand-delivered by bike messenger. You can feel good about offsetting some of the carbon footprint of traditional delivery.

With UrbanStems, the costs of delivery are always included in the price of your order. Product availability is determined by destination. Because they're only sending the freshest products to the doors of their recipients, not all options are available everywhere. But what they lack in variety they make up for in elegance. Each bouquet is seasonally appropriate and ultra-fresh, straight from the farm. They're also hand-arranged for maximum impact.

UrbanStems also offers a variety of gift options beyond standard cut flowers. Their selection includes trendy potted plants like succulents, orchids, and earth stars. Each one comes in a classy vase, elegant wooden box, or whimsical planter to match its contents and suit the taste of the person on the receiving end. They also offer a small selection of gift boxes that include snacks, cosmetics, and fun trinkets to keep your loved one feeling special.

For those who think ahead, UrbanStems does allow you to schedule deliveries up to two weeks in advance. Each order comes with a helpful guide for keeping your bouquets fresh and healthy after delivery. They also offer a live chat interface on their website if you need care advice or help with an order. Their interface is simple, elegant, and easy to navigate, so you can focus on the task at hand.

If you're looking for an alternative to industry giants like 1-800-Flowers or ProFlowers, UrbanStems has you covered. While they may not have the largest selection, their offerings are tasteful, elegant, and match a wide variety of personalities. Their branding and approach is millennial-oriented. This offers some relief from the dated websites and basic stylings of many competitors. Delivery areas are somewhat limited, but they are growing quickly. If they're not yet available in your area, be sure to check back soon.

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