Wiki.ezvid.com is a free-to-use video wiki published by the California technology company Ezvid Inc. Video is the primary medium of communication on the wiki. Many entries also include text, images, data, and links to third-party information sources. Wikis are generally architected for the concise transfer of knowledge to users, with a typical usage target of ten to thirty minutes per study session. Established in 2011, Ezvid Wiki evolved from the message board surrounding Ezvid For Windows, first released in 2010. In those years it has grown from a small user-generated forum into the largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, providing useful, unbiased information and actionable guidance to hundreds of millions of users around the world, in thousands of knowledge categories. You can contribute your own ideas and research to Ezvid Wiki by using Ezvid Wikimaker.

Editorial Staff

Alexander Perls
Alexander Perls | Design & Engineering

Alexander is an entrepreneur, songwriter, and all-around fun guy based in Los Angeles. He has been building websites and YouTube channels for nearly ten years, and composes music under the names 009 Sound System and Aalborg Soundtracks. Hobbies including cross-country skiing, cycling, and learning about Linux.

Brett Dvoretz
Brett Dvoretz | Editorial

A wandering writer who spends as much time on the road as behind the computer screen, Brett can either be found hacking furiously away at the keyboard or perhaps enjoying a whiskey and coke on some exotic beach, sometimes both simultaneously, usually with a four-legged companion by his side. He hopes to one day become a modern day renaissance man.

Tina Morna Freitas
Tina Morna Freitas | Editorial

Tina Morna Freitas is a writer who lives in Chicago with her family and two cats. She enjoys making and sipping margaritas and aspires to be a crazy cat lady once all the children are grown.

Jeff Newburgh
Jeff Newburgh | Editorial

A dedicated writer and communications professional spending his days lost in the intricacies of both proposal and freelance writing. When not sharing the knowledge of both fully and self-insured medical benefits to employer groups of all industries within California, Jeff Newburgh can be found at home spending time with his family and 3 dogs, pondering the next chew toy to be thrown, while kicking back and relaxing with a nice glass of red wine.

Andrew Randall
Andrew Randall | Voiceover & Editorial

Andrew Randall is a full-time voice-over and on-camera talent born and raised in London, England, but now residing somewhere much warmer (thank goodness).

Dan Siebes
Dan Siebes | Project Management

Dan is a loyal factotum of the information trade with a strong desire to improve the consumer experience. Outside of his career, he can be found playing with his kids, exploring the world's mountains, or putting in time at the gym.

Daniel Imperiale
Daniel Imperiale | Research

Daniel is a writer, actor, and director living in Los Angeles, CA. He spent a large portion of his 20s roaming the country in search of new experiences, taking on odd jobs in the strangest places, studying at incredible schools, and making art with empathy and curiosity.

Lydia Chipman
Lydia Chipman | Editorial

An itinerant wordsmith with a broad constellation of interests, Lydia Chipman has turned iconoclasm into a livelihood of sorts. Bearing the scars and stripes of an uncommon diversity of experience—with the notable exceptions of joining a religious order or becoming an artist—she still can’t resist the temptation to learn something new.

Quincy Miller
Quincy Miller | Editorial

Quincy is a writer who was born in Texas, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue his life-long dream of someday writing a second page to one of his screenplays.

Vann Vicente
Vann Vicente | Editorial

Vann Vicente is an undergraduate Economics student and writer who lives somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere. He spends about half of his time watching films and is still smiling about Moonlight's incredible Best Picture victory.

Melissa Harr
Melissa Harr | Editorial

Melissa is a writer, editor, and EFL educator from the U.S. She's worked in the field since earning her B.A. in 2012, during which time she's judged fiction contests, taught English in Asia, and authored e-courses about arts and crafts. In her free time, she likes to make stuff out of sticks and string.

Sam Kraft
Sam Kraft | Editorial

Sam is a marketing/communications professional and freelance writer who resides in Chicago, IL and is perpetually celebrating the Cubs’ 2016 World Series victory.

Johnny Woodard
Johnny Woodard | Editorial

Johnny Woodard fled the sweltering South and a career in journalism to pursue comedy and edit a popular comedy/sports website in Los Angeles.

Ezra Glenn
Ezra Glenn | Editorial

Ezra is a writer, photographer, creative producer, designer, and record label-operator from New York City. He's traveled around the world and ended up back where he started, though he's constantly threatening to leave again.

Chase Brush
Chase Brush | Editorial

Chase is a freelance journalist with experience working in the areas of politics and public policy. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, he is also a hopeless itinerant continually awaiting his next Great Escape.

Sheila O'Neill
Sheila O'Neill | Editorial

Sheila is a writer, cosplayer, and juggler who lives in Southern California. She loves sitting down with a hot cup of tea and coming up with new ideas. In her spare time, Sheila enjoys drawing, listening to podcasts, and describing herself in the third person.

Taber Koeghan
Taber Koeghan | Editorial

Taber is a writer working in Los Angeles, which also happens to be the city she was raised in. She enjoys reading mysteries, rock climbing, and baking. A funny cat named Roswell lives in her house.

Ben G
Ben G | Editorial

Ben is a writer from California. He mostly dives into film, videogames, and science fiction literature. Also Hello Kitty. He likes Hello Kitty a whole lot.

Gregg Parker
Gregg Parker | Editorial

Gregg Parker is an author, screenwriter, and comedian who divides his time between Los Angeles, California, and Osaka, Japan. When he’s not watching sports, he spends most of his free time on his artistic pursuits or collecting miles for his next international journey.

Jordan Melcher
Jordan Melcher | Editorial

Born in California, Jordan moved all over the country before deciding that maybe he should just come back to the Golden State and stay for a bit. He’s a writer and musician who holds strong opinions about most things.

Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas | Editorial

A traveling chef, musician, and student of the English language, Chris can be found promoting facts and perfect copy around the globe, from dense urban centers to remote mountaintops. In his free time he revels in dispelling pseudoscience, while at night he dreams of modern technology, world peace, and the Oxford comma.

Josh Darling
Josh Darling | Editorial

Born in historic Massachusetts, Josh is a freethinking young man with a heart of gold. Noted by many for his wit, grace, and humility, he enjoys reading, history, politics, videogames, baseball, and talking shop.

Gia Vescovi-Chiordi
Gia Vescovi-Chiordi | Editorial

Born in Arizona, Gia is a writer who fled the dry heat of the desert for Southern California, where she continues to enjoy drinking beer, overanalyzing the minutiae of everyday life and channeling Rick Steves.

Gabrielle Taylor
Gabrielle Taylor | Editorial

Gabrielle is a writer and hopeful entrepreneur who hails from a tiny town in Virginia. Earlier in her career, she spent a few years in Southern California before moving back to the east coast (but she misses LA every day). An avid and enthusiastic home cook, she is somewhat of an expert at fending off attempted food thievery by her lazy boxer.

Misty Alder
Misty Alder | Editorial

Born and raised in the American Deep South, Misty's career in elder care took a sharp left turn when she was swept away to the land of Robinhood by her very own Merry Man. She's a coffee-swilling master of stitch-witchery with a magical touch in the kitchen and a never-ending stream of Disney gag reels playing in her head.

Joseph Perry
Joseph Perry | Editorial

Fed up with crowding on the east coast, Joe fled for the open spaces. He now lives in the intermountain west where he stays busy with work, children, and grandchildren. When he's not writing or researching, he's probably hiking in the desert or skiing in the mountains.

Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch | Editorial

Richard grew up in the part of New York state that doesn’t have any tall buildings. When he’s not writing, he spends most of his time reading and playing video games. A massive fan all things sci-fi, he’ll happily talk with you for hours about everything from the deserts of Arrakis to the forests of Endor.

Daniel Goldstein
Daniel Goldstein | Editorial

Daniel Goldstein is a good for nothin’ rabble-rouser sticking it to the Man, man. Or so he likes to believe. More accurately, he’s a relatively domesticated young writer who also identifies as a musician and a teacher.


How does this differ from other websites?

There is a problem with the Internet, and we want to fix it. What’s the problem? Information overload. Here's an example: We were looking recently on Wikipedia for information about USB, and this is what we found.

Wikipedia example dcc77261d1af0ea71356c3cd457005bd c2lpww

Wow, that looks complicated. Take a look for yourself. Here's the link.

We do believe that for many queries, Wikipedia provides the most authoritative and useful response. That's one reason we support the Wikimedia Foundation, and why you should, too.

But our website aims to answer questions on the Internet in ways that are accessible to anyone, without technical jargon or unnecessary digression. To this end, we’ve built our own best-of-breed video wiki creation engine, based on our massively popular video editing software Ezvid, currently in use by millions of Windows users around the world.

Using our unique set of core competencies, we have developed tens of thousands of wikis, and assisted millions of people with their own research by communicating knowledge through video.

How is Ezvid Wiki's research funded?

We’re glad you asked. Our primary goal is to build a large and authoritative information resource that will come to rival the most prominent ‘nonfiction’ websites on the internet like Wikihow, Wikipedia, and Ask.com, but with the added explanatory power of video. We started with a team of talented contributors, and have now opened the Wiki to the public via Ezvid Wikimaker.

Growing our service has been expensive, so to keep the lights on, we display advertising on our website, and we accept referral fees from merchants such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and Ebay. When you click on a link on our website to visit a merchant to buy something, you help support our website. Using our links will not increase your purchase price.

What should I know about your rankings?

Information provided by Ezvid Wiki is general in nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. All reviews of third party products and services are provided as journalistic opinions only.

All information is provided “as is.” While we try to provide accurate information, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by Ezvid Wiki. Information provided by Ezvid Wiki may be altered at any time without notice. Ezvid Wiki disclaims any responsibility associated with the general information it provides on any of its pages.

Visitors use Ezvid Wiki content solely at their own risk. In no event shall Ezvid Wiki be liable to any third party for damages related to using or not using its content whether claims are advanced on contract, tort, or other legal theories.

Ezvid Wiki does not endorse any product, service, seller, or provider mentioned in any of its articles or associated advertisements.

How are the rankings in Ezvid Wiki's research devised?

40% Value For Money

In the opinion of our editorial reviewers, for the average consumer, does this product represent a good deal? Note this is not necessarily a question of "price", and comparisons can only be made within category. There are a lot of subjectivities here, but we're mostly looking at what a product is offering, and how much it costs in comparison to other offerings on the marketplace. For this criterion, we may estimate and/or project figures from marketplace analyses, published consumer uptake data, and make gross average comparisons thereof. In each case an editorial reviewer may apply his/her judgment against the data to arrive at our final ranking.

20% Predicted Length Of Consumer Attachment

This is our editorial estimation of the length of time that the consumer will stay with the proposed solution. We're addressing here the problem of "churn", which is destructive for both consumers and for society at large. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products are returned to retailers: We're trying to do our part to reduce this number. You don't want to waste your time buying something that you give up on in three weeks, and the retailer doesn't want to waste his/her time selling it to you, either. Our lists are short, typically ten products or fewer. We're careful to only include possibilities where, in our editorial estimation, the solution will be long-lasting. We don't want you to waste your time.

10% Predicted Prospect Of Consumer Uptake

This is our editorial estimation of the likelihood of a consumer purchasing the reviewed item. Why is this so important for us? Because while some categories of consumer products that we are analyzing might be generously described as "unexciting" to many consumers, at the same time they do encompass a range of products which must, in many cases, be eventually acquired by the consumer. In these cases, the biggest challenge consumers face is motivating to actually do the deed: Whether you need a bicycle helmet, to choose a home security system, or anything in between, your biggest problem may not be which product to choose, but just choosing any product at all. This speaks also to our general aesthetic policy: We put our video first, at the top of the page, because our research shows that information in this format is most readily absorbed by our users. These videos are there not only to educate, but also to entertain and motivate, to get you off of your couch and choose something. Because often that is the biggest hurdle.

10% Manufacturer Reputation

This is important, but we're very careful here. An interesting test scenario reveals why: Your choices for a nationwide wireless carrier are few: Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile -- this may be a nearly complete list. How do consumers actually feel about these companies? By and large, they are hated, and with passion. And here is where it gets tricky: There are dozens of smaller, often regionally operating carriers, who might, in aggregate, have better reviews from consumers. But typically, these regional carriers are simply reselling the services of a larger, national network. So, when analyzing the reviews of a smaller network, what we might see is a lot of noise, instead of a useful and globally addressable opinion space. We may take into account the published ratings of organizations like the Better Business Bureau, media mentions of the brand, and the like.

10% Third Party Expert Reviews

We may take into account journal reports in relevant industry publications, opinion from experts in related fields, any academic consensus that may exist, the findings of any government inquiries, the transcripts and reports from trade associations, or organizational events, information gleaned at international or domestic conferences, the results of relevant textual searches, both on the Internet and in proprietary relational database management systems. In certain cases, we might ask a panel of service users, or of experts, to form a consensus that we could use as a counterbalance to this data.

10% Extra Product Features

For non-fungible product categories, we look closely at what added value the brand can bring to consumers. We may look for technological or business process innovations that the brand has brought to market. If the brand offers features beyond the scope of the average market participant, we might rank the product higher if in our editorial opinion we believe that those features are useful. If the product provides something that other similar products do not, this can be a big deal.

How do I use this website?

If you’re ready to contribute, please use Ezvid Wikimaker.

If you’re here for the consumer product reviews, here is a common use case:

You need a new car seat for your infant, and you are not sure what to get. You have unique concerns about the size and comfort of that car seat. You could spend hours on end researching user reviews, trying to find out which reviews are actually real. You could try to determine which of these reviews genuinely apply to you. But after all that, it’s likely you will have information overload, and you might just give up in frustration. (Yes, it’s happened to us, too.)

We’ve got a better alternative: Spend five minutes watching the video on our car seats wiki. We did the research for you. We spent hours upon hours scouring the web to find the latest and best of anything -- and we created a video for you. We did the heavy lifting by taking in to consideration price, features, availability, other user’s reviews, and all the other important points about the items we review.

I have other questions. How can I contact Ezvid Wiki?

We'd love to hear from you. Please use our contact form, and we'll get right back to you.