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The 8 Best Ionic Foot Spas

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This wiki has been updated 27 times since it was first published in June of 2015. Ionic foot baths claim to remove all kinds of toxins from your body. This may or may not be true, but they are most certainly a great way to relieve stress. If you're looking to relax at the end of the day and maybe improve your health while you're at it, without the cost of a spa visit, check out our comprehensive selection that includes budget-friendly and premium models. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. If you'd like to contribute your own research to the Wiki, please get started by reviewing this introductory video.

1. Health and Med Ultimate

2. Ion Balance Chi Cleanse Unit

3. IonizeMe Maxx

Editor's Notes

November 09, 2020:

There is essentially no scientific research backing up the many lofty claims manufacturers and other proponents of ionic spas make, so we won't make any definitive statement regarding their efficacy. We can, however, base our judgement on the various models by considering their operating currents and ability to customize treatments to determine how useful a particular option could potentially be. We also took into account the accessories bundled with an item when considering how good a of a value it represents.

With the above priorities in mind, the Health and Med Ultimate immediately stands out for its several operating modes and high voltage. It also comes with a huge selection of accessories, including a year's worth of arrays, Himalayan salt, 400 tub liners, and more. Plus, it is bundled with a bonus infrared waist belt, proving you with an additional form of treatment. The IonizeMe Maxx also stands out for its high power, though it offers less customizability than the Health and Med Ultimate. It actually takes the place of the IonizeMe Elite, which we had previously recommended. While the stats between the two are the same, the former has a digital display.

A notable drawback of both of the above models is their single array connection, which means they can only be used to treat one person at a time. If you are looking for something to use with a partner, or perhaps in a spa where you need to offer treatments for more than one person at a time, you should look to the Cell Spa syk66, Vitaciti Dual, and AW Dual User. These all offer separate control panels for each connection, allowing you to provide a custom treatment for each person.

Even if ionic foot spas prove to be more of a placebo than anything else, there is no arguing that many find a foot bath to be a relaxing way to end the day. Consider using some essential oils in a diffuser or perhaps lighting a scented candle in the room while playing some pleasant music to really help the stress melt away.

August 15, 2019:

Whether or not ionic foot spas are capable of the many impressive claims you see online, they are still a great way to relax and sooth sore feet after a long day. Because we take user reviews regarding their efficacy with a grain of salt when comparing the different models, the best way we can accurately recommend them is based on their specs, included, extras, and overall build quality. In that regard, two models on our list stand head and shoulders above the rest ⁠— the Health and Med Ultimate and the IonizeMe Elite. The former includes a year's worth of arrays, a far infrared belt, tons of accessories, and a professional-looking case to store it all, while the latter has an impressive 18-volt, 2.2-amp direct current, which is higher than nearly any other model and should provide better results. Plus, they both have the build quality of something you would expect to find in a commercial spa facility.

When it comes to versatility, the Cell Spa syk66 and AW Dual User offer some of the most features. The Cell Spa syk66 has an integrated MP3 player, while the AW Dual User is equipped with a wide range of modes to customize the treatment to your needs. They can also both be used to treat two people at once, which can make for a great way for couples to relax together.

For convenience, we like the Healcity Negative Hydrogen System. Its control unit sits right on top of the foot basin, which makes it simple to reach down and adjust a setting mid-way through your session. Additionally, it has rollers to massage the soles of your feet to really up the relaxation factor.

If you aren't completely sold on the idea of ionic detoxification, you may be able to save some cash and get a traditional foot spa instead. They are as equally relaxing and stress relieving as the ionic variety, minus the somewhat questionable detoxification factor.

Special Honors

Hymbas Optimum ES9800i This 5.5-amp model is designed specifically for commercial use, yet still offers the simplicity often found in home units. It has two separate controls, each of which has their own dedicated LCD screen, allowing you to cater to two clients at the same time while still offering each of them personalized treatment. Though it comes as a standalone product, it works best when combined with the company's copper foot basin. hymbas.com

AMD IonCleanse Premier Billed as a business in a box, this unit comes with everything you need to start providing your clients with ionic detoxification. By everything, we even mean a full marketing plan to get the business up and running, a free listing in an online practitioner locator, lifetime service and support, and more. The unit itself is made in the United States, offers five session programs, and can switch between positive and negative polarities. amajordifference.com

4. Cell Spa syk66

5. Healcity Negative Hydrogen System

6. Vitaciti Dual

7. AW Dual User

8. HealCity BD859

How An Ionic Detox Works

As the two ions meet, they neutralize each other, and are able to be easily excreted from the system through urination and the sweat glands.

To know how ions affect the body, it is important to know what they are. Ions are simple atoms which have become charged through the balance of the particles within them, namely protons and electrons.

Protons are positively charged particles of an atom's nucleus; electrons are small, negatively charged particles surrounding the nucleus. The dance between these two charged particles determines the atom's overall charge. An atom is considered negatively charged if it contains more electrons than protons. An atom is considered positively charged if it contains less electrons than protons.

The human body is an electric system, and collects charged particles from the environment around it. In the body, positive ions can be considered bad; negative ions are good. Environmental toxins from the air we breathe and the overly processed foods we eat have a positive charge. These positively charged toxins can cling to the extra electrons in the body, causing a buildup of toxins, which is associated with both common ailments and chronic disorders.

An ion detox using an ionic foot bath introduces a great number of negatively charged ions into the body through the skin by way of a warm foot soak. The warm water increases the absorption rate of these ions. When the negatively charged ions enter the body, they attract the positively charged toxins. As the two ions meet, they neutralize each other, and are able to be easily excreted from the system through urination and the sweat glands.

With any ionic detox, it is important that the body has sufficient water for excreting these waste particles. Should the body be insufficiently hydrated, the toxins may remain in the sweat glands or simply travel to another part of the body.

Earthing: The Natural Ion Therapy

Negatively charged particles may also be collected from the natural charge of the earth through a process called Earthing. The Earth is an electrical system, just like the human body. The outer surface of the Earth is covered in negatively charged particles, known collectively as free electrons. Research has suggested that the disconnect from the free electrons available through the process of earthing may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction in the body.

The streets are covered in asphalt; and most buildings are fitted with wood, plastic or laminate flooring.

These free electrons are nothing more than negatively charged ions found on the earth’s natural surfaces. Connecting bare skin to the natural ground, the body discharges a great number of positively charged ions; replacing them with negatively charged ions. The process helps maintain the body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the Earth; and is one of the most potent antioxidants known to man.

The problem arises when one neglects to touch their bare skin to the Earth itself. The modern world is riddled with insulation. The soles of shoes are made of rubber to protect the foot, but this rubber also removes the body’s ability to discharge positive electrons into the ground. The streets are covered in asphalt; and most buildings are fitted with wood, plastic or laminate flooring. All of these materials starve the body of Earth’s healing electrical charge.

The benefits of collecting electrons from the earth include better sleep, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, a higher zeta potential, protection from free radicals, and prevention of the disorders marked by said inflammation and free radical production. Products such as conductive bed mats or ionic foot baths simply act to imitate earthing or increase its effects.

When Considering An Ionic Foot Spa

Many factors can influence the purchase of an ionic foot spa. Firstly, it is important to to be certain the model accommodates the foot sizes of those using it. Some models only offer space enough to fit an average men's sized shoe.

Another consideration are the additional features available in some ionic foot spa devices. Some provide built-in MP3 playback; allowing the user to enhance their foot spa through relaxing music or lucid meditative practices. The importance of relaxation techniques like these can never be overlooked.

If the body remains in a state of stress, the foot spa treatment will have little effect.

Foot spa treatments aim to remove positively charged toxins from the body. If the body remains in a state of stress, the foot spa treatment will have little effect. This is because stress causes adverse effects in the body, which creates more toxins. As positive ions are removed from the body through the foot spa, more are introduced through the stressful state of mind. Features which enhance the user's relaxation should be considered a plus.

Many models also offer packets that include guidelines to receiving the full health benefit from an ionic foot spa. These guidelines may include specialized diets, breathing exercises, or additional relaxation techniques to promote stress reduction.

A heating element can also be a desired function of an ionic foot spa, but not all foot spas contain them; requiring the user to fill the basin with water at the desired temperature. If this detracts from the desired experience, it should be taken into consideration and one should look to purchase a model with heating capabilities.

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