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Last Updated: July 17, 2017 by Daniel Imperiale

Note: Be sure you comply with all local, state, and federal laws when you send texts using these services. Mass texting services put business owners in direct communication with their customers. They make it so that people feel like they’re being talked to, not advertised at. They’re also effective tools for keeping people in schools, churches, and non-profits in communication with one another. Without a mass texting service, important messages may fall by the wayside.

Mass texting can be about more than sales, as well. Constant communication helps to build branding in the minds of consumers. Most text messages are opened within five minutes of receipt. That means that if you have a time-sensitive message to get out, it’s the most reliable way to do so.

Among businesses, it’s easy to use mass texting to advertise special deals and sales. For other communities, though, it can be a matter of safety. School and road closures on snowy days used to rely on complicated phone call chains. Now, a simple text can alert everyone to stay home where it’s safe.

Mass texting services are extremely easy to use. Simple devices allow customers and community members to instantly sign up. You can even subdivide them into groups for efficiency. They’ll receive all the information you want to provide to them, exactly when you want them to see it.Important notice: When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue.

Our Top Picks

DialMyCalls is a comprehensive voice broadcasting service with mass texting and auto-response capabilities. It allows you to distribute important information to thousands of people at once. You can communicate with text messages, voice memos, and more. The system requires no special hardware or software. Its interface is entirely web-based, so you can access it from anywhere.

Your voice broadcasts will always appear in full. DialMyCalls features a proprietary voicemail detection software. If your call goes to voicemail or an answering machine, the server will automatically wait to start the message. Once the service at the other end begins recording, your broadcast will play. This will ensure that nothing important fails to reach your customers and groups.

You control the number on the caller ID. This can help prevent your calls from being screened. You can also keep your personal numbers private. DialMyCalls will provide you with a free vanity number. This will keep the source of all your messages consistent. It can also help with your marketing campaigns. You can choose to use a simple local or toll-free number that the company can select for you, as well.

CallFire is an award winning voice broadcasting and mass texting platform. It provides service to more than 100,000 businesses. With CallFire you can activate lead lists that will ultimately help you increase revenues. Its broadcasting service can provide your company with comprehensive polling. Data collection is also a core tenet of the system, allowing you to target your customers with greater precision.

CallFire offers a unique Interactive Voice Response system. The IVR is a single platform that can perform multiple tasks. You can use it to create automated surveys for your customers. They can answer your questions with a simple keystroke. The same system will deploy your company’s answering service. It provides call routing and forwarding with the same ease of use and setup involved in the survey building process.

A “Press 1” feature can speed up your customer response. When you send out a voice broadcast, your customers can press the number 1 at any time. This will immediately connect them to a phone number and operator of your choice. If you run campaigns with limited time offers, this will create additional urgency and drive sales. Text and voice broadcasts are both easily scalable. You can send out a single message to a single recipient or connect to thousands of customers just as quickly.

Our #3 Pick Textedly

Textedly is a mass texting service with an eye toward customer relations. You can use it to keep your clients up to date on deals, sales, special events, and more. That makes it particularly useful for marketing applications. It’s also ideal for keeping groups in contact. No more need for a school superintendent to organize a calling chain. The next snow day can be announced with a simple mass text.

Textedly allows you to schedule your messages. The application features a built-in calendar. You can program messages for a specific release. This allows you to set your communications on your own time. The messages you send aren’t limited by standard sizing, either. Most texts are delivered with 160 characters or less. Textedly allows you to send complete messages with more than 300 characters in them.

Mobile subscription is easy. Textedly helps you effortlessly build your customer base. Potential clients can simply text a keyword to the company’s short code. You choose the keyword. It can complement your marketing campaign or business profile. When Textedly receives a text containing your keyword from a given number, that number gets added to your ranks. The company will also send a confirmation text to that number. You can customize this response to make your own welcome message.

Additional Options

Our #4 Pick RedOxygen

RedOxygen is a mass SMS texting service designed to operate on multiple email platforms. If the members of your group all use the same email provider, you can streamline your mass communications by sharing like features. The company can also provide you with your own unique phone number. Replies to your messages can route to your phone in text form. The system can also send those texts directly to your email inbox.

Our #5 Pick Trumpia

Trumpia is an automated messaging service capable of mass texting SMS and MMS messages. That means you can use it to send pictures, as well as text. This is ideal for companies with a strong visual presence. It’s also important if your product is more effective in images. The service offers comprehensive marketing automation. It can do the majority of the work in targeting certain sectors of your market. This way, you won’t waste any energy advertising in the wrong direction.

Our #6 Pick EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a mass texting platform that’s ideal for use with larger admin groups. It has comprehensive coding applications for users who are adept at backend engineering. Average users can still leverage the company’s many easy-to-use tools for marketing and communication. The company prides itself on its customer support. They offer several effective channels for contact with support personnel.

Our #7 Pick TextMarks

TextMarks is a mass texting and SMS auto-response service that’s designed to help with business growth. The system is intended to give businesses of any size a distinct marketing advantage. It can generate leads for your campaigns using keywords and short codes. It can also connect communities like churches, schools, and non-profits. This can keep members of a group on the same page regarding missions and activities.

Our #8 Pick ClubTexting

ClubTexting is a mass texting service that allows for expressive communication. It supports both SMS and MMS messaging. Users can send long messages, as well as texts containing multiple forms of media. The service is easy to incorporate into your group or community. The company is based in Santa Monica, CA, and they have good, local support.

Our #9 Pick Mobomix

Mobomix is a mass texting service that makes it easy to organize your contacts. Uploading and managing names and numbers is very straightforward. To back them up, you can download all of your contacts with a single click. The company provides a streamlined approach to the management of your clients and campaigns. It’s one of the easiest available platforms to use.

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