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The FilmoCrat platform is the world's first automated market for investing in movies. It is superior to the stock exchange because users can acquire film equities and obtain a return on investment every time the movie is on air. The platform is a hi-tech phenomenon of the 21st century. Capital funds, retail investors, and movie fans had formerly no ways to finance entertainment because no device could support such aspirations automatedly and in sync until now.

Bankrolling entertainment is a trillion-dollar business traditionally dominated by elites. These groups, despite the growth of Internet technologies, had opposed modernization. Even though audiences massively shifted from theaters to online, the sector has not developed any social marketing. Moreover, they failed to utilize artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to gain aggregated finance and amassed content promotion.

New technologies, however, are inevitably breaking into that field. The FilmoCrat new developments lead the way for automating the Hollywood system. We introduce digital shares in movies and blend the crowds' wisdom into the content sourcing, making, and distribution. You can launch the beta-audience best-chosen productions globally, along with the entertainment investor and producer.

The FilmoCrat new developments lead the way for automating the Hollywood system.

FilmoCrat is a new disruptive platform that makes the audience profession one of the world's most significant infrastructures to stay within humanity forever. We call it the Smart Cinematic. It rolls the royalties and copyrights via Distributed Ledger for transparency. It is an AI-powered Gizmo that helps the spectator manage film releases based on joint audience choices, among other challenges.

If you ever dreamed of a Smart City of Entertainment, you could explore one by the FilmoCrat platform. It stands out from the media, such as Netflix or HBO. The platform gives production companies a digital business model to make motion pictures with your equity and spread the content worldwide. As an entertainment fan, can you get digital shares in Hollywood movies and cash on the box-office in real time?

This type of stock is what we deliver to our platform users. We design them to make proceeds while the content is on perpetual streaming. The FilmoCrat network has a patent-pending system. It links the filmmaker, the investor, and beta audiences into highly beneficial interactions.

The FilmoCrat network has a patent-pending system.

The FilmoCrat venture is a startup. If you wish to participate in the platform development, join us as a stakeholder. Find out more at

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