15 Fun and Sexy Paranormal Romance Novels For Adults

Tue, 7 Aug 2018

Shape-shifters, vampires, and even dragons can add a unique twist to any story. If you like a little fantasy in your romance, try reading one of these fifteen sexy books. The high-stakes drama of the supernatural world helps to heighten the characters' passion. When you click links from this website, we may receive advertising revenue to support our research. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker.

15 Fun and Sexy Paranormal Romance Novels For Adults

Title Author More by the Author
1. My Commander Alanea Alder My Protector My Healer
2. Fated Rebecca Zanetti Claimed Hunted
3. Burned by Darkness Alexandra Ivy Scorched by Darkness Charred by Darkness
4. Soul Avenged Keri Lake Soul Resurrected Soul Enslaved
5. Torched Donna Grant Heat Darkest Flame
6. Fashionably Dead Robyn Peterman Fashionably Dead Down Under Hell on Heels
7. It's You Katy Regnery It's You, Book Two Unloved
8. Sons of Navarus K. M. Scott If I Dream Crash Into Me
9. Bear With Me Jenika Snow The Wolf's Capture The Caveman's Virgin
10. There's a New Witch in Town Tawny Weber A SEAL's Pleasure Call to Honor
11. Steal the Light Lexi Blake Steal the Day Steal the Moon
12. Celestra Forever After Addison Moore The Dragon and the Rose The Serpentine Butterfly
13. A Lady and Her Magic Tammy Falkner The Magic of "I Do" The Magic Between Us
14. Fall From Grace Christine Zolendz Saving Grace Scars and Songs
15. King's Mimi Jean Pamfiloff King for a Day King of Me

What is Paranormal Romance?

In Depth

Hot vampires aren't just for teenagers. There are plenty of sexy books about supernatural creatures that are intended for an adult audience. Listed in no particular order, these fifteen paranormal romance novels will pull you in with fascinating characters, high stakes, and red-hot passion. Please note that they contain sexually explicit content and are suitable for mature readers only.

#1. "My Commander" by Alanea Alder. Bear shifter Aiden is confident that he doesn't need a romantic partner, but fate sends him his mate, Meryn, who initially brings chaos into his life. Over time, they learn that they make an excellent couple. However, their bliss is threatened when Meryn becomes the target of a manic killer.

#2. "Fated" by Rebecca Zanetti. Plant physiologist and single mother Cara is worried about her psychic four-year-old daughter, Janie. A mysterious intruder, Talen, attempts to kidnap the young one, claiming that it's for her own protection. Cara, who has psychic abilities herself, is unconvinced. Especially after finding out that Talen is a powerful vampire who has a taste for women with special gifts.

#3. "Burned by Darkness" by Alexandra Ivy. The Dragons of Eternity are not just a legend; they have come back to the world to claim what is theirs, including the debts of Tayla. While she is prepared to rebuild her life after escaping her kidnappers who offered her as payment to the dragons, she comes across Baine, a powerful beast.

The demon had already spent the last twenty-five years looking for his lovely concubine, and now that they have crossed paths, he will help her discover her secrets, or face the risk of losing her.

#4. "Soul Avenged" by Keri Lake. As the first volume of a promising paranormal series, this entertaining read puts the spotlight on a brood of demons, the Sons of Wrath, and their attempts to help out a female soldier named Ayden. As a battle rages between the Alexi army and the Lycan race of wolves, Ayden meets half-Lycan Kane. The two form a strong bond as they work to overcome their struggles.

#5. "Torched" by Donna Grant. This "Dark Kings" novel is centered on a tough fighter named Ulrik who has been banished from Dreagan. Betrayed by the Dragon Kings, he plans on seeking revenge until a special someone comes into his life after thousands of years of lonliness. Putting fierce battles aside, Ulrik's intense attraction to this woman is undeniable, turning the story into a fantasy romance tale.

#6. "Fashionably Dead" by Robyn Peterman. This first installment of the "Hot Damned" series is a fresh, amusing take on the world of vampires, demons, angels, and fairies. Astrid has just been transformed into a vampire without her permission. After joining a sort of sorority for the undead, she crosses paths with Ethan, a blood-drinking prince, who claims her as his partner and calls her "the chosen one." Readers will enjoy the book's tempting sensuality and witty humor.

#7. "It's You" by Kate Regnery and K.P. Kelley. A passionate story about a love that has bound two people together, this paranormal romance breaks the barriers set by science and crosses over to a vibrant world of legends. Darcy and Jack shared a kiss twenty years ago but were separated by destiny. Now that they are fated to cross each other's paths once more, their undeniable connection will bind them forever.

While they continue to share these ardent feelings for each other, Darcy can't help but question Jack's reasons for leaving her in the first place and for coming back. Plus, some of the things happening between them now don't seem to have logical explanations.

#8. "Sons of Navarus" by K.M. Scott. This action-packed series delivers thrilling surprises as eight vampire warriors, known as the Sons of Navarus, set out to uphold law and order in their world. As they prepare to defeat the Archons, they must also reveal the secrets of a prophecy, or else die in their attempt to save their kind.

#9. "Bear With Me" by Jenika Snow. Spinning supernatural elements into a romance-filled plot, this intense tale draws readers in with its endearing characters, small-town girl Brittin and town sheriff Law. Taking a second shot at love, the couple wastes no opportunity in fulfilling their deep fantasies and ensuring their own happy ending. The well-constructed plot makes for a delightful read, appealing to lovers of paranormal romance, irresistible chemistry, and satisfying endings.

#10. "There's A New Witch in Town" by Tawny Weber. Part of the "Enchanted Seductions" series, this captivating story follows Miki as she struggles to control her powers and finds escape in a small town of mortals.

Going on a personal journey, she meets an attractive handyman and the two end up falling for each other. Aside from satisfying their most passionate desires, the pair sets out to save their town from a powerful witch using only their love, trust, and a very special kind of magic.

#11. "Steal the Light" by Lexi Blake. Featuring an action-packed plot full of supernatural fun, this fresh read focuses on a love triangle involving memorable characters. Zoey steals mystical artifacts for a living and, despite being human, has plenty of paranormal friends, including a witch and a wolf. While her childhood sweetheart Daniel dies in a violent car accident, he comes back to life as a vampire and takes an intense interest in Zoey's safety and protection, although his heart has grown cold. Things get more complicated when Zoey goes out on a quest and comes across a fairy prince who sweeps her off her feet.

#12. "Celestra Forever After" by Addison Moore. This fresh, fascinating take on paranormal romance puts the spotlight on Skyla, a girl in her late teens who has it all. A freshman at Host University, she oversees all angelic factions and is dating the boy of her dreams. However, after uncovering a terrible truth, her life turns upside down and she enters a pact with the wickedness that could drastically change the fate of humankind.

#13. "A Lady and Her Magic" by Tammy Falkner. Sophia, an enchanting and mischievous newcomer to high society, meets the Duke of Robinsworth who is also known for breaking the rules. The two are instantly attracted to each other and decide to explore their possibilities. This well-written tale is full of humor, drama, and charming conversations.

#14. "Fall From Grace" by Christine Zolendz. The author's smooth writing style highlights the sentiments of Grace, who's had her fair share of struggles, including the death of her brother. She soon meets the stunning Shane, lead singer of a rock band, and is strongly drawn to him.

Despite an undeniable chemistry, Grace is reluctant to fall for the musician because all she wants is to look for her real soulmate, who she has been trying to find for hundreds of years.

#15. "King's" by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Book one of "The King's Trilogy" shows Mia's quest to find answers about her brother's disappearance in Mexico. The authorities are not cooperative, forcing her to turn to a man who she believes is dark and sinister. While he has fooled other women with his stunning private jet, elegant suits, and charming smile, Mia knows that something unnatural lurks behind his piercing eyes.