5 Bold And Helpful Fashion And Lifestyle Blogs

In the 21st century, the spheres of fashion and lifestyle marketing and reporting have been transformed by the emergence of street-style bloggers and social media influencers. Websites that began as scrappy personal projects have evolved into high-traffic destinations attracting readers and sponsorship dollars alike through the articulation of unique personal brands. In no particular order, this list explores online outlets at the cutting edge of beauty, style, travel, and wellness.

#1 on the list is Style Domination, maintained by a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger named Dominique. Founded in 2015, the blog began with a focus on the ways in which its proprietor personalizes, or "Dom-ifies," existing clothing items and trends. It has since expanded to more broadly cover style and grooming, as well as travel and health.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Dominique and her blog have received plaudits from a number of local press outlets. The site features beauty coverage highlighting consumer items and care routines, while Dominique's fashion writing offers style tips and industry reporting. The Feature Friday series profiles emerging figures in culture and beauty.

At #2 is Color and Grace, a blog covering petite fashion and lifestyle for people over forty. It hosts writing and photographs by Grace Liang, a woman raised in poverty in Northeast China before moving to the United States for love in 2007. In addition to highlighting Liang's journey of self-discovery through fashion, the site documents her grieving process after the 2017 death of her husband.

Color and Grace features advice on age-appropriate fashions, sponsored content highlighting new items from stores and designers, and thematic style editorials. Liang also publishes lifestyle guidance, in series such as Life After Loss, offering reflections on grief; Living With Cancer: and Being The Best Of Me, about overcoming trauma and finding self-love.

For #3, we have The Style Galaxy, published by Sophia, a Nigerian-British self-taught painter and stylist. The site is designed to offer a glimpse into the business of styling and the arts.

Articles featured on the blog address subjects like fashion news and industry trends, personal style, motivation and self-help, and humor. Sophia also shares her own travel photography, with snaps from destinations such as Barbados, Mykonos, and Rovinj, Croatia.

The #4 entry is Sarah Styles Seattle. Content creator Sarah Butler publishes images and text focused on personal style, dealing with areas including fashion, lifestyle, and travel. The Emerald City influencer intends to cultivate what she calls "a sense of escapism."

Many posts feature Butler modeling clothing and accessories in themed styles that are often accompanied by elaborate photo shoots. Articles focused on travel offer advice alongside destination-appropriate fashions. Another series highlights developments in street style.

Concluding our list at #5, Feral Creature is a hybrid lifestyle blog and news outlet, aiming to speak out about social justice in easily digestible blurbs while keeping readers looking and feeling their best. Proprietor Eugenie Grey has blogged about fashion, beauty, and travel since 2007.

Style content highlights particular outfits, some of them provided by brand sponsors, and presents larger lookbooks. Much of Grey's travel writing is also subsidized by companies looking for the exposure she can provide, bringing her to destinations such as Cuba, Iceland, and Morocco. In addition to the news coverage, Feral Creature features articles on food and drink, as well as health and wellness.