5 Companies Making Shopping For Clothing Easier

In today's ever-changing marketplace, consumers are seeking new and convenient ways to shop for clothing and home goods. Whether you're searching for a specific item, looking to buy more environmentally friendly wares, or are interested in working with a personal stylist, the following are some businesses to check out that offer unique shopping solutions, listed in no particular order.

Coming in at #1, MySize was founded in 2014 by Ronen Luzon after he grew frustrated with the inconsistencies and poor return policies associated with online shopping. The company was created to simultaneously increase buyers' satisfaction and reduce costs for online retailers, giving the latter a tool to standardize sizing and help consumers find clothes that fit them.

The MySizeID app employs a unique algorithm to capture a person's measurements without the use of a camera. The technology then correlates the user's measurements with a retailer's size chart to determine a perfect fit. Similarly, the company's SizeUP tool is a smart tape measure that lets anyone determine the dimensions of a flat surface simply by moving a smartphone across an object.

At #2, Rhea Lana's takes its name from its founder. The company started out humbly as a children's clothing swap that took place in a residential living room. At the time, Rhea Lana, a mother of three, was trying to stretch the family budget while still providing her children with quality items. She could not afford the new brand names, and was frustrated with the policies at local consignment shops, so she decided to start a clothing event of her own.

The swap-meet soon grew to become a nationally recognized, award-winning franchise with multiple locations. Today, Rhea Lana's hosts consignment events in many different venues across the United States. These gatherings offer families the chance to earn money from outgrown items, and to purchase high quality pieces at budget-friendly prices.

On to #3, Stitch Fix is a personalized wardrobe service for men and women that is meant to evolve with the user's changing tastes, needs, and lifestyle. This company's mission is to change the way people find clothes by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned stylists. After completing a style quiz, consumers receive hand-selected pieces to try on without ever having to leave the house.

Founder Katrina Lake created Stitch Fix to blend certain aspects of personal styling with high-quality clothing and unique algorithms. She shipped the first order out of her Cambridge apartment in 2011 while attending Harvard University, and since then, the company has brought a unique shopping experience to millions of people nationwide. In 2016, the men's service was launched, and the following year, the women's offerings were extended to include plus sizes.

Where Does It Come From? is #4 on the list. This award-winning social enterprise creates clothing and textiles that are kind to the planet, as well as to garment makers and consumers. Everything that this company produces is fully traceable using a code printed on the label, so that customers can discover exactly how, where, and with what materials the garments were made.

Where Does It Come From? strives to ensure that the production of each item of clothing supports livelihoods, improves communities, and protects the environment. The company claims that all its productions directly benefit the people involved, and are run in the most eco-friendly and fair-trade ways possible. All of the fabrics used are plastic-free, and are never mixed with polyester or coated with harmful substances. The buttons used for shirts or pants are always made from wood or shell.

Located in Clawson, Michigan, Leon & Lulu closes out the list at #5. Husband and wife team Mary Liz Curtin and Stephen Scannell opened the store in 2006, rehabbing the historic Ambassador Roller Rink and making it a destination for shoppers. The 15,000-square-foot rink offers furniture, antiques, clothing, gifts, books, games, and gourmet food in an eclectic environment. Visitors are invited to shop, attend one of the many special events, or just explore while enjoying a glass of wine or complimentary coffee and popcorn.

Just next door to Leon & Lulu, Curtin and Scannell have transformed the historic Clawson Theatre into a quirky retail store where shoppers will find pantry staples, vintage items, distinctive greeting cards, and various home furnishings. The Three Cats Cafe, which is located inside the store’s street-side entrance, serves cocktails, small plates, and baked goods that arrive on vintage china. The menu, which is based as much as possible on local products, changes daily.