5 Companies Worth Checking Out If You Work From Home

As more and more employers adopt a remote work policy, workers worldwide are looking for ways to create workspaces at home that boost productivity and creativity. This list, presented in no particular order, shares several companies that might improve your home office's look, organization, and comfort.

For #1, we have FlexiSpot, located in Livermore, California. This company offers height adjustable desks and workstations. For those who don't want to purchase a new desk altogether, Flexispot sells converters that simply sit on top of existing furniture and are made from an environmentally-friendly, medium-density fiberboard.

Employees who wish to get a workout in while on the clock can purchase the company's adjustable cycle desk bike, which is sold with or without a desktop platform. Flexispot also sells an under desk treadmill, featuring a multi-function LED display showing time, calories, speed, and distance.

At #2, we present NetBeez, a network monitor for enterprises that detects outages before users call the help desk, with the goal of reducing downtime and allowing IT to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and repair network issues remotely. NetBeez was founded by Stefano Gridelli, Panickos Neophytou, and Panos Vouzis.

The company's platform can be integrated with a number of other remote tools, such as Slack, Splunk, and PagerDuty. It has done many case studies on the performance of its software, with companies such as TOURTech, the University of Rhode Island, and various global insurance businesses.

The #3 entry is Fully, a company making and selling office furniture that is meant to be beautiful, well-built, and designed to create a healthy, supportive workplace. Its offices are in Portland, Oregon, but it has a showroom in Seattle. Among its offerings includes the Capisco chair; inspired by the form and movement of the body, its human-centered design allows more active sitting postures than traditional chairs.

Fully also sells full-size standing desks and desk converters, as well as office tables, storage, and lounge seating. It states that it is committed to sustainability, and uses zero or lowest-possible Volatile Organic Compounds in its workspace items and packaging.

Coming in at #4, we have Davies Office, makers of remanufactured furniture. It also sells used items and custom arrangements for various office floorplans. In addition to its own line, it sells brands such as Knoll, Herman Miller, and Steelcase. Through its Sustainable Exchange Banking program, clients can trade in unwanted or underused furnishings for credit to buy new pieces.

Davies Office is committed to eco-friendly practices, and in 2011, was one of only three companies to receive Greenbuild’s Leadership Award for excellence in sustainability. The company frequently uses recycled materials when building its furniture to cut down on waste, and is LEED-certified.

Rounding out our list at #5 is transFORM. This company is dedicated to the creation of custom-fitted cabinetry with the intention of simplifying complex storage conditions. Its pieces use globally-sourced materials and architectural hardware; it has showrooms in New York City and New Rochelle.

Clients are paired with an experienced designer to guide them through every step of their project. For home office installations, customers can select from styles that range from classic to contemporary, and all pieces are designed, engineered, and manufactured in one central location, the company's own facility.